AFL Round 15: Magpies add to the Tower of Wins

By Carolyn Straford It’s Friday night, I’m in Ivanhoe, in front of a large old-fashioned television. It isn’t a plasma nor an LCD screen but it’s big and it will do. The heater is on and The Beverley Hillbillies are the curtain-raiser. Odd, yes I know, but what is to follow may be even stranger, [Read more]

NAB Cup Practice Oops Grand Final Match Geelong v Collingwood by Carolyn Straford

I went to the NAB cup grand final full of optimism and a little confused. Being a Hawthorn supporter I had no allegiance although I went with two Collingwood fans. However I do admit secretly to having a soft spot for Collingwood, (I may be the only Hawthorn supporter that does). My excuse is that [Read more]