NRL Round 5 – Canberra v Roosters: The Green Redemption

For Nick Campton, watching the Raiders play is an experience fraught with a range of emotions, varying from ecstasy to rage to disappointment to soul-crushing despondence. When he dies, his autopsy will read “Cause of Death: The Canberra Raiders”.

NRL Round 3 – Canberra v St George: The Hoodoo and the Subaru

  Listening to rugby league on the radio is a frantic experience. Because you’ve no idea of the exact field position of the play, how much a player bends the line or even who has the momentum. But it’s sure as shit better than nothing, and the Subaru is wired to 702 on a hot [Read more]

NRL Round 1: Sharks vs Titans: The Pride of the Shire

The first game at Shark Park was supposed to be a celebration but was instead filled with emotion and uncertainty. The Titans bear the brunt of the fury of Cronulla.

NRL Round 1 – Storm vs Dragons: Business as Usual

No matter the opposition, no matter the occasion, the Storm always do what needs to be done. This game against St George was no different.

NRL Round 1 – Canberra vs Penrith: The Colours are lowered

Nick Campton watches his Raiders take on Penrith behind enemy lines at the Penrith Leagues Club – it’s not pretty.

NRL Round 1- Dogs v Cowboys: Who’s Gonna Make the Gravy?

Nick Campton asks how the Dogs are going to go with their gravy-maker off the scene. Who is going to make the gravy?

NRL Round 1 – Eels v Warriors: A Fresh Start

Nick Campton is impressed with the Eels’ opening performance. (Parra 40 d NZ 10)

NRL Round 1 – Broncos v Manly: Eighty minutes of relief

The second game of the season might have been overshadowed by the ongoing debacle that is the Cronulla Sharks, but the rugby league world will welcome a few hours where the concern is about tries and tackles rather than peptides and plea bargains.

NRL Round 1 – Souths vs Easts: SBW vs non-SBW

I’m not sure I like the Thursday night game, especially to kick off the season, but after a summer of mediocre cricket I’m not complaining