Round 18 – Collingwood v Carlton: Football in the Time of Covid

Covid has certainly played havoc for Merv Collins and his football going days as he explains the trials and tribulations of this time.

A Subjective History of Sports Writing

Merv Collins has a life-long love of quality sports writing. He lists his favourites. (You are all welcome to offer your own suggestions – Ed).

Almanac FA Cup: Pilgrims’ Progress – to the Replay

Blueboy, the lad from Tavistock, tells the tale of a mighty FA Cup performance from the club of his boyhood, Plymouth Argyle – The Pilgrims. [Outstanding – JTH]

Saints v Blues; Schneider here and there!

I was filled with a sense of foreboding as I sat up in the Ponsford andCarltonran onto the ground. No Jamison, no Carrazzo, the enigmatic Thornton rested and no jumpin’ Jarrod Waite up forward. A pointless match for a four points and all the omens were bad While St. Kilda warmed up intensely, the Blues [Read more]