General Footy Writing: Wayward kicking provides just one of several twists in dramatic 1948 Grand Final

Most footy fans are familiar with the epic VFL drawn grand final of 1977. It was televised live into millions of loungerooms and has been replayed constantly since. Television has allowed us to relive the drama of that sun-drenched afternoon at the MCG, and fans too young to remember can still experience the historic moments [Read more]

You have to love the genius of Blighty

By Adrian Vitez Around 30,000 attended this Round 6 match-up at the Gabba. Like most other interested parties, I received it via the channel 10 telecast led by Quarters, and featuring the great Blighty on special comments. Blighty fits the special comments job description perfectly as he never fails to offer comments which are unique [Read more]

Five Extraordinary Minutes

by Adrian Vitez While driving to the MCG this ANZAC Day, I was struck by a comment made by the ABC’s Gerard Whately on the radio. In the midst of debate about whether Essendon and Collingwood deserve ANZAC day to themselves, he made the salient observation that to have the honour of playing on such [Read more]