Australian dominance continues



by Bob Utber

Walking through the park to the ground this morning and you realise what a picturesque site it is. Let us hope the new edifice does not distract.  Memories flood back of many great games here at this ground.

The fans were out in force today and I don’t mean people. The usual Adelaide summer’s day prevailed with little relief to the spectators.

Clarke has had a glorious summer and it continued today when he won the toss.

Warner and Cowan continued to establish themselves as the “new’ opening pair although Cowan will have to do a hard pre-season to emulate Warner’s speed between the wickets.  Warner is the new darling of Australia and he reminds me of Jimmy Cagney the great American actor with his pugnacious approach to the game.  His early demise brought a groan from the big crowd.

Ashwin on after two overs showed a fresh approach from stand-in skipper Sehwag. Takes the wicket of Marsh who now must lose his place.  Ponting has virtually been batting at three all season.

Bad week for the Marsh family with Shaun and Geoff both looking very shaky. Younger Mitch will be leading the Marsh attack in the very near future no doubt.

Ponting is vintage with some great shots all around the wicket. A well known sports psychologist said to me “despite their form I would be telling the three of them (Ponting, M.Hussey and Haddin) that their time is up.  Clarke needs to be free of them for the betterment of the team.”

Cowan continues to impress. He has the patience of a monk and of course he goes out next ball to Ashwin. Needs to build on these great starts that he makes.

It continues to amaze me that so many people come to the Adelaide and don’t get to see the game. Just before lunch I am sure that one third of the crowd are out the back socialising.  The “greatest back of house in world cricket” according to ABC commentator Geoff Lawson.

India probably had the better of the morning’s play with Australia 3/98 but under Clarke’s captaincy we have seen this for 9 Test matches now.

After lunch the ex and current got things moving at a lively pace and the visitors were sloppy in the field. Watched the Crows change yesterday in the heat doing their 10 and 20 metre sprints for an hour in 40 degree heat. The Croweaters will be strong and hungry this year mark my words.  Might be worth putting a dollar on them for the finals.  The Indians should have done a workout with them to prepare for this game.  Their lack of enthusiasm is not surprising.

Clarke and Ponting used their experience to advantage as they tore into the attack and the 100 partnership came up in 110 minutes of 160 balls.

The two Australians played superbly in the second session and went to tea with Ponting on 91 and Clarke 71.  If India had a bundle they dropped it as the game swung back to Australia.  Australia 3/214

I sit here envisaging the commencement of AFL football on this most marvellous of cricket grounds.

The Chappell stands will go and the view of the Adelaide Hills. No great loss.  The Moreton Bay’s figs will still be there and the hill remains.

Clarke treats the bowling with contempt straight after the break and straight drives Sehweg for 6

Both players continue to plunder the very ordinary attack and Ponting brings up a chanceless century.  Clarke follows shortly after and the crowds begin to leave for the cool of their air conditioning at home and in the car.

With a weak attack the game detiorated with only the batting of C & P providing any highlights. Sehwag started the day off well but his leadership also fell away as the day progressed.  It was too easy for the Aussie duo and it was a matter of help yourself.

By the end of the day Australia are in a wonderful position and will head in to day two knowing that they are the only team who can win this test match and whitewash the Indians 4 – 0.

Clarke (140) and Ponting (137)   3/335 will go in to day 2 with no end in sight to their mammoth partnership.

About Bob Utber

At 80 years of age Citrus Bob is doing what he wanted to do as a 14 year-old living on the farm at Lang Lang. Talking, writing, watching sport. Now into his third book on sports history he lives in Mildura with his very considerate wife (Jenny ) and a groodle named "Chloe On Flinders". How good is that.


  1. At one stage later in the day, Ishant Sharma was consistently bowling in the mid 140 ks and Sehwag spread the field and did not even give him one slip. It must be tough being an Indian pace bowler when you are not supported by your Captain.

  2. At 28 Sean Marsh has had enough chances and must be binned. As you infer Bob, Mitch Marsh is the better family option.

    The selectors must bring young ones through to capitalise on the resurgence of the fossils Ponting and Hussey. It ha sworked with the bowlers.

    The flat track bullies may be able to bat themselves into a neutral position but they will need to take wickets.

    It would be nice if Ponting made another double century. That would be six.

    Haddin is on a hiding to nothing. Could it be his last test?

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