Australia v Pakistan – SCG Test: Call for writers

The Test summer ends in Sydney, with Australia 2-0 Pakistan.

Pakistan incredibly almost snatching that epic run chase in Brisbane.
Australia incredibly winning by an innings after all the rain and after Pakistan made 9d/443 in their first innings in Melbourne.

After Sydney, the next Test cricket played by Australia will be in India: 23 February, Pune.


As is usual, this is a call for writers, observers of Test cricket, whether viewing from the SCG or not, to nominate a day and write about it.

Note: Citrus Bob, stalwart of Test cricket correspondence, will not be around after Day 1. It’s time to step up.



Day 1 – Tuesday 3 January: Citrus Bob &

Day 2 – Wednesday 4 January:

Day 3 – Thursday 5 January:

Day 4 – Friday 6 January:

Day 5 – Saturday 7 January:


All Almanac Cricket stories of the 2016/17 Australian summer are here.


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  1. Alex Darling says:

    What sort of poetry are you hoping for?

  2. E.regnans says:

    G’day Alex,
    Poetry, I reckon Alex, like Test cricket, has a beauty that some appreciate more than others.
    There must be some sweet spot that exists at the nexus of them both.

    Step right up, step right up.

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