Australia v Pakistan – MCG Test: Call for writers

And so this is Christmas.
I hope you have fun.

The 2016 Christmas is forecast to be a scorcher in south east Australia.
And the windy, baking heat is expected to continue for Days 1 and 2 of the 2016 Melbourne Test.

Australia defeated Pakistan in Brisbane last week. But in only narrowly failing to chase 490 in the fourth innings, Pakistan has not merely played up to an established reputation for demonstrating odd moments of predictably unpredictable genius; they have asked annoying questions of an Australia that, as is usual, appears more comfortable with answers of braun than of brain.

Selection, extreme heat, the toss of the coin, an old time red ball, and the ability to think will all play intriguing parts in Melbourne.

As is usual, this is a call for writers, observers of Test cricket, whether viewing from the MCG or not, to nominate a day and write about it.


Day 1 – Monday 26 December:

Day 2 – Tuesday 27 December: Mick Jeffrey &

Day 3 – Wednesday 28 December:

Day 4 – Thursday 29 December:

Day 5 – Friday 30 December:



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  1. Mick Jeffrey says:

    Definitely Day 2, possible but not certain for Day 1.

  2. Thanks Mick.
    Looking forward to it.

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