Australia v New Zealand: Adelaide Test Day 3 – Kiwis grounded again

Another glorious day for cricket in Adelaide. When isn’t it?

Cricket journalists had a field day overnight in regard to the DRS decision in favour of Nathan Lyon. All the “if’s” and “but’s” won’t change the decision other than to say it was very costly for New Zealand.

The Black caps needed Watling and Santner to carry on from the overnight score of 5/116 but it was not to be as Watling (7) got a beauty from Hazlewood that Steve Smith pocketed. Despite his reputation with the bat BJ has been very disappointing this spring 6/116

Hazlewood has had a great match and another wicket is just reward for his efforts.

Santner in his inaugural match is the stumbling block for the Aussies and they know that he has to be moved. The youngster however has other ideas and he continues to play some fluid strokes. Craig assists with some swashbuckling strokes but never settles down and like many of his compatriots he swishes at Hazlewood and is well taken by Nevill. He made 17 but with patience and judicious shot making he could have made more. After all Santner was very comfortable at the other end; 7/140

It is not the want of New Zealand to play defensive cricket.

Bracewell starts with a beautiful six of Siddle and Santner hits a couple of glorious fours.

Unfortunately Santner (45) is struck down with the same affliction as most of his team mates and charges down to the pitch to Lyon and is easily stumped by Nevill. 8/175.

A fine start by Santner with two solid knocks , a couple of wickets and a great catch. His future is assured.

Southee joins Bracewell and continues the Johnny Depp approach. After some lusting hitting he is caught on the boundary by Lyon of Marsh M for 13. New Zealand 9/192.

Boult swings and misses on many occasions and does not assist Bracewell at all. Is he the worst batsmen since Martin and Tufnell? He finally goes for 5 giving Josh Hazlewood 6/70 in a great display of fast bowling. New Zealand all out 208. Bracewell 27.n.o.

Mitch Marsh took 3 wickets and probably consolidated his place in the team for the next Test even though some runs would have been helpful to him.

Australia needs 187 to win.

Burns and Warner settle in well early and look very comfortable. It takes a beauty from Boult to beat Burns (11) and he is LBW. Australia 1/34

Boult is having his best spell of the series and is getting great support from Southee. After all at one stage these where the best pair of opening bowlers around.

Smith (2) never looks at ease and when Santner drops a lolly with the score at 46 the visitors look downhearted.

For a while Smith and Warner score take control scoring 17 of 9 balls. The luckless Bracewell gets his revenge when he has Warner (35) caught by Southee. Australia 2/62.

Four runs later the out of form Smith (14) goes leg before to the tireless Boult. 3/66 and NZ are in with a chance.

Boult, Bracewell and Southee have given their team a great chance.

Voges and S.Marsh consolidate although Marsh as suspected was nervous at the beginning. After all his position is on the line.

At tea (supper?) Australia has advanced to 3/113. Will the last session turn the game again as it has done on the first two nights?

It is New Zealand who gain the first break when the tireless Boult has Voges (28) caught by Southee in the slips. Australia 4/119.

It is now up to the Marshes’ now. Shaun has batted well after the slow start and want’s more while Mitch needs a score to consolidate his position. Interesting times.

The brothers do not let their team down and settled down to a fine partnership with both of them showing their real ability.

McCullum gives Santner the ball as a last resort and Mitch Marsh welcomes him by hitting him for six. Next ball Williamson shows the young tyro how to catch by running a long way to catch Marsh M for 28. Australia 5/161 and the SOG (Sons of Geoff) have done the job.

The crowd for the 3 days of this historic Test has reached 123,736. A marvellous result for the game and the organisers. I’m punting that this number will beat the total attendance for the second Test against the Windies at the MCG.

As per the first two nights the ball starts to wobble all over the place and Marsh and Nevill had to concentrate to the max.

Marsh the senior goes for 49 caught by Ross Taylor of the tireless Boult. 6/176 will the two Victorians guide Australia home? No they won’t!

It’s hard work as Boult and Southee give their all for the team and Nevill (10) is brilliantly caught by his opposition keeper BJ of Trent Boult.     Australia needs 2 to win.

Shades of Rick McCosker and Colin Cowdrey! Starc comes out to bat in front of Hazlewood and Lyon.

They just can’t score the runs as NZed put on the pressure. Great to watch.

Australia win! Siddle gets one through the off-side!

A marvellous game (thanks Richie) and what a finish. Siddle (9) and Starc (0) see it through

Full credit to Trent Boult who finished with 5/60 in New Zealand’s fabulous fight to the end.

Despite the “what if” of Lyon’s non dismissal it was a brilliant first up day-nighter and one that will see the rest of the cricket world follow suit and put pay to the soothsayers who have suggested that test cricket is finished.

Now for the West Indies. Let us hope they fight like the men from across the ditch. Somehow I don’t think so.

Many thanks to the people at Kookaburra for getting the pinky up to scratch.

Man of the match: JOSH HAZLEWOOD

Knackers man of the series – DAVID WARNER (I’m right!)


About Bob Utber

At 80 years of age Citrus Bob is doing what he wanted to do as a 14 year-old living on the farm at Lang Lang. Talking, writing, watching sport. Now into his third book on sports history he lives in Mildura with his very considerate wife (Jenny ) and a groodle named "Chloe On Flinders". How good is that.


  1. Thesaurus Rex says

    Despite 3rd Ump Llong’s howler which did NZ no favours, I reckon the better team still won. NZ’s batting was sub-par (no batsman scored higher than 50 in both innings – even without Aust spearhead Starc in 2nd Inn.) & their fielding let the bowlers down esp. at the pointy end of the test when the Kiwis were trying to defend a modest 186. Interesting footnote: Shaun Marsh’s batting average, despite his 49 today, has slipped below that of his father … Shaun 32.57 against Geoff 33.18, although Shaun is averaging 1 century every 8 tests compared to Swampy’s “Watto-like” 1 every 12.5 tests!

  2. Terrific contest. Great to have a Test Match where I eagerly checked for scores and media. Pity Nigel Llong won man of the match.
    2 very evenly matched sides where Australia just got the rub of the green in every match. Winning the toss on the first two flat tracks and robbed by the man with the white cane in the last test.
    Australia’s batting is very suspect. Lots of flat track bullies with poor techniques. Nevill is a keeper in both senses of the word. Hazelwood and Lyon are both solid citizens with the ball.
    Pity the Kiwis don’t have anything to back up Southee and Boult.
    Great win for entertaining cricket; lights and the pink ball. Compulsory for every test now. With a bit of batting technique matches might even stretch to 4 days, but I’d rather 3 engrossing ones than 5 snore fests.
    Thanks CB. Not long until the Hopman Cup now. The cricket season is finished. West Indies 2nd XI – what a joke.

  3. 3 comments PB
    (1) maybe we should have trialled that the visiting team have the first choice of batting or bowling.

    (2) Thank heavens you are getting the Hopman Cup

    (3) Nigel should change his name by deed poll -drop the two Ls and replace with one N.

    Citrus Bob

  4. Citrus,

    Had a look out on the ground today.

    Well-grassed wicket.

    Wicket looks shorter from the Queen’s Head end of the ground.

    Had a look inside the Aussie Dressing Room. You don’t get if you don’t ask.

    P Hughes and N Rees are huge parts of the room.


  5. Citrus – I watched Smith bat and couldn’t figure out what was going on. He was like popcorn in a hot saucepan. Like the pressure had overwhelmed him. Disturbing to see given that he is our captain for the next umpteen years. But I wasn’t there. Your thoughts?

  6. Well played Citrus.
    Love your man-on-the-spot observations.

    Yours too, PJF.
    Begs the question: who did you ask?

  7. More to the point E.regnans – who let him in?
    if so why? or did he use his nom de plume?

    Dips – have watched him very closely at 2 tests now and I agree with you. Now that the captaincy is his the pressure seems to be getting at him. There is more to leadership than just being a good cricketer.
    Wonder if he has done any leadership training? I think not. The original Captain Grumpy might lose his position.
    He also does not come across in interviews as well. Mind you he is probably like most of the other sporting people and is told what to say in a manner of speaking.

  8. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks Citrus Bob for your astute observations if only the kiwis had batted with more application and the aussies had to chase,220 plus and had to commence there innings under lights the result may have been different.At least umpire,Nigel Llong is consistent he struggles when on the ground and can’t watch tv either.Smith is a huge concern it was a poor reaction to be under a bit of pressure and didn’t the batters techniques from both sides get shown up that they need to bat on roads.
    ( Citrus I didn’t forget tried to get thru to Roo and Ditts radio show friday morning but was unable and now they are on holidays I haven’t forgotten )

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