Australia v India – Sydney, Day 4: A Waste!



The weather for today is gloomy, the forecast for Australia is gloomy and the start of play has been delayed because showers are forecast after a rainy night.  This might just save Australia.


*Staying with family at Kangaroo Point, my brother-in-law posed an interesting question on political correctness.  “If “batsman” is wrong, surely then when a male “batter” makes a “duck” surely it should be a “drake.?”  He has a point.  Must look at the cartoon character next time a person batting at cricket fails to score.


No cricket this morning so I conned my way into the Members just to meet some of the ordinary people.  Had an interesting conversation with Jack Johnson and his son Andrew from up Orange way.  Naturally our thoughts turned to cricket and cricket in the country.


Jack was very proud of Andrew who made 120 yesterday for his Wollongong Uni team in a T20 match.


We all agreed that Cricket Australia has dropped the ball or forgotten the bat when it comes to the future of the game and bringing the natural talent of young kids to the fore.  We are talking about kids from the regional areas.  I mentioned to them how a town like Robinvale, home of probably the best player never to play for Australia Jamie Siddons, does not have a cricket team and junior cricket is virtually non-existent.


In my area of Mildura, where we have some of the best wickets in Australia, cricket is dominated by players in their late thirties and early forties and some of them Englishmen who came here to play cricket nearly twenty years ago and stayed on. Not a good sign.  In the past both the South Australian and Victorian Shield teams came to Mildura for pre-season training.  Now they go to the NT or Queensland.


CA, like the football codes, will tell you how many kids are playing junior cricket/football.  Always the figures look impressive but what happens when the kids turn 12 to 14.  Majority lost to the game forever.


“Soccer will become the major sport in Australia within the next 20 years if they get their internal act together”. Nostradamus


Back to the cricket. Lights! Action!


After nearly four hours delay the cricket is finally on and it is on for the visitors. Shami rips one past Pat Cummins (25) and clean bowls him with one that keeps a little low.  Australia 7/236 without adding to the overnight score. Everything is now set up for the Indian team to force the follow on later in the day.


Kohli hands the new ball to Kuldeep Yadav and Handscomb is delighted as he sweeps one for four and then drives one through mid-wicket for the same score.  Like most of hs team mates he looks good. He does not last for much longer as he nicks one on to his body then on to his pad and then on to the wicket.  Handscomb bowled Bumrah for 37 and Australia 8/257.


Lyon (0) tries to sweep Yadav and is plumb Australia now 9/258. That is 22 runs and 3 wickets in 35 minutes.  Soon after Vihari drops a catch from Hazlewood.  Could prove nuisance value.


Hazlewood and Starc are enjoying themselves at the death and playing some great shots around the ground. Proving to be a nuisance for the Indians who are no doubt keen to finish them off as soon as possible.


A bit of fun for the batsmen but Hazlewood (21) goes LBW to Yadav and Australia are all out for 300 with Starc not out 29.  Kuldeep Yadav 5/99 in an excellent return to Test cricket, Shami 2, Jadeja 2


India lead by 322 and Virat Kohli has enforced the follow on.  His fast men have not been overworked and we can look forward to an interesting remainder of the day. Shami and Bumrah will bowl a few overs and then we will be back with the spinners.


Unbelievable, the players are off due to bad light even though the lights have been on since the first ball was bowled this afternoon. This is unbelievable.  Listening to the radio the commentators are agreeing that “this is unacceptable”.   Cricket Australia – Fans First?


I am lost for words.


Being lost for words means that play has not recommenced and there seems every likelihood that play will be abandoned for the day.  If that happens, I would suggest that tomorrow will be a wasted day. For India to win that means taking 10 wickets in one day.  It has not happened yet in the Test and probably won’t.


We have sat around since 3.20pm and finally the umpires at 5.09pm have called it a day. ‘Nuff said


*NB.  On July 17, 1866, when the Prince of Wales got out for a blob, a newspaper carried out a piece stating that “the prince had retired to the royal pavilion on a duck’s egg”. Since then, the duck has forged a successful relationship with the great game of cricket.


The term originated from the “duck’s egg”. The egg has the shape of 0 and hence a nought is commonly called “duck”.


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About Bob Utber

At 80 years of age Citrus Bob is doing what he wanted to do as a 14 year-old living on the farm at Lang Lang. Talking, writing, watching sport. Now into his third book on sports history he lives in Mildura with his very considerate wife (Jenny ) and a groodle named "Chloe On Flinders". How good is that.


  1. Test Cricket – the Rugby Union of summer.

  2. A long time ago, on one of Bob Dyer’s radio shows, they had a competition for the best joke. This was the eventual winner. Due to his work, a fellow couldn’t be present for the birth of his child. Desperate for news, he phoned the hospital but dialed incorrectly and got the cricket instead. “It’s all over”, came the recorded voice. “They’re all out. the last 3 were ducks”. I don;t remember what was the prize.

  3. Luke Reynolds says

    The light situation is absolutely farcial in Test cricket. Surely with lights on in daytime play is possible? Remember a very memorable Test in the early 2000’s against New Zealand at the Gabba that had much play under lights and produced some fantastic cricket.

  4. Citrus Bob says

    AH PB – so succinct -try 3 words next year

    FISHO – no drakes at all. Fisho I see you as a member of my group where the honorary President is PB (above) the GOM Society for Cruelty to Mankind.

    LUKE – I remember it well. Brilliant

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