Are the Dutch doomed already?


Euros 2012 commentary by Lee Hugh McGowan


There is an advertising campaign for a telecommunications company which claims, ‘the future’s bright…the future’s Orange’. Coming into this tournament, it could have been the slogan for the on fire Dutch. Robben has been the star of Bayern Munich’s successful domestic and Champion’s league campaigns and Van Persie has carried an otherwise drab Arsenal team’s season on his slim-fit boyish shoulders. The Dutch team offer football fans everything: stars, silky skills, glorious goals and the classic mix of youth and experience. As the commentator noted they’re average number of caps per player is 42. The Danes don’t. Their best striker Bendtner might sign for Sunderland. I was expecting a bloodbath.

I was not expecting Van Persie to be wearing his Mum’s boots. I do not recall a player ever missing so many excellent chances in one game. his performance aside, the Dutch played beautifully (except in front of goal obviously). Early in the game the commentator discussed ‘their steel’ and noted their approach in Johannesburg 2010, but this time out, they proved themselves worthy of their football pedigree. Denmark played well too. They only touched the ball twice – one of those was their kick-off – and managed to upset bookmakers the world over. One quality finish or as Mr Kane described it – a text book goal was enough to decide the outcome.

The same could be said for a rather toothless game between the other two teams in Group B. One quality finish separated the teams. Yes Germany were dominant, but Portugal will be kicking themselves. They came very close, especially in the last 10 minutes. Alas, hitting the woodwork does not a goal make. No matter how many times. A less than confident Germany eeked the win. I’m not sure they deserved it, but then on performance, neither did the Portugese. I would expect both teams to play better next time out. And the Dutch need to beat them both. The Group of Death right enough. Who would have thought the Danes would be top?

It’s only Day Two. We’ve had sending offs, fantastic football, missed penalties, stunning goals, controversy, our first upset and only one dull(ish) game.

Tonight, Spain and Italy play out one of the world’s most anticipated clashes, while Ireland try to take points from Croatia. Don’t make the mistake of thinking this is about playing for third place in this group. The ball is round, and the future is still bright.

Just not for the Dutch.



  1. Rick Kane says

    Are the Dutch doomed? Of course not. A bad start that’s all.

    Sorry Mr Macgowan to hijack this wonderful commentary on the world’s most beatiful game, because you’re doing a steerling job. I just saw Messi’s last goal for Argentina in its friendly against Brazil. Did you see it? The curve of the kick was magical. Or mathematical. Or both. Like Buddy, Messi cannot stop giving.

    Anyway, the Dutch cannot play so well from here on in and not get results. Bring it on.


  2. Rick
    Yer doomed. The Danes will pick up a result against the Portugese and what you guys do won’t matter. It will be the great tragedy of this tournament. Besides do you think you have enough to get a result off Germany?
    The Oranje were brilliant, but as Bayern learned, if you can’t take your chances…

    You’ve haven’t hijacked anything. no need for apologies. And no I didn’t see the goal, but I’m away to find it now. Thanks for the very kind words.

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