Anyone Ever Done A Cleaver? Altercations with Unexpected Consequences.

A couple of Rake references elsewhere on this site today got me thinking about last week’s episode, where a public altercation with a stranger had courtroom implications for Cleave and Barney a few days later.

Has this ever happened to you?

Ever abused a stranger at the footy, only to find the same person on a job interview panel the next week?

Ever given another motorist the finger, only to have them pull into the same church carpark as you?

Ever abused some nong at work via email, only to find out they are going out with your boss?

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  1. Peter Schumacher says

    Not yet, but I am still trying!

  2. It’s more a reverse example of the qn’s you pose Swish, but…

    A few footy seasons ago, my father in law was being sued by the Tax man. The F.I.L – who runs a commercial clock business – chose to represent himself in court, much to the delight of the Crown.

    As the beak offers to hear the F.I.L’s argument, the F.I.L produces a list of people he’s owed money by. Assuring his Honor that he’d love to pay his taxes, he directs M’lud to exhibit A. The organisation that owes him money for unpaid work. is – drumroll – yup, you guessed it, the ATO’s Moonee Ponds branch.

    The Judge directs the ATO to finalise the debts to the F.I.L so he can pay his tax bill.

    Cleaver fucking Greene, eat your heart out.

    “I mean, what’s next mate? Hamlet in a radiology clinic on the Gold Coast? The Merchant of Indooroopilly?

  3. Swish, another reverse example. A few years back I was given the ass from doing a media column for the Big Issue by the editor in charge. A couple of weeks later in the actors Vs writers cricket match I caught him out with a blinder and then dismissed his son. Very Game of Thrones of me.

  4. It was about 1974, and I was at uni, driving a taxi to get by. One night in Malvern or somewhere, a beat up old Holden came roaring out of a side street and cut me off.
    I gave it the horn blast and the flashing lights, and then, beauty, its pulled up at the next traffic lights, I’ll give this bloke an earful.
    I pulled alongside, wound down the window, looked at the driver, and said …”Hello Lionel”
    Lionel Rose, recent contender for the world Lightweight title.

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