Almanac (Footy) Poetry – The Rhymer: An Object Of Desire



An Object Of Desire

You are pursued, a lascivious maid
with curves in all the right places
and bits we can’t see (ahh my thoughts have just strayed)
are held in place by your laces.

Your cheeks are bright red, a sign of real passion
and they shine when the handling is rough
you like kicking and slapping and maybe some lashin’
and then even that’s not enough.

The men who pursue you all want to control you
with the urge of unquenchable thirst
you’re a salacious siren all men want to woo
each one in the game wants you first

They follow you blindly with uncontrolled lust
They care not what ever you’re wearin’
they’ll puff and blow with each forward thrust.
such is their desire for the Sherrin.

© The Rhymer 2018


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