An Australian Cricket Team for the Pandemic



It is great to see so many sporting fanatics out there picking their ‘best of’ whatever.  I am throwing down a challenge to you all, with so much spare time on your hands, to name this team that would be useful during the current pandemic crisis.


All the players have represented their country since the second world war.  In some cases there is probably more than one answer but the batting order should determine your preferences.


Here is the batting order:




Stock Broker (Captain)  – “always buy when down”


Investment Banker

Politician (never know when you might need one)

Florist  (ditto)

Civil Engineer


School Teacher

Real Estate



As a bonus the first correct entry (on line) will receive a copy of my book “Heart & Soul – A History of the Lang Lang Football Club 1895 – 2020”.  Yet to be published.


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About Bob Utber

At 84 years of age Citrus Bob is doing what he has always done since growing up on a small farm at Lang Lang. Talking, watching and writing sport and in recent years writing books. He lives in Mildura with his very considerate wife (Jenny) and a groodle named 'Chloe on Flinders' and can be found at Deakin 27 every day.


  1. I am curious how a plumber could be useful in the current crisis! Being a bit cynical now but you cant get one in normal times! Maybe you need one to plug a hole in the batting line up.
    My team-
    Dr Grace
    Bill Lawry – plumber ?
    DG Bradman capt
    Robert James Lee Hawke (because he would fit into the team perfectly and was also a handy cricketer.)
    Jim Higgs- Engineer
    Max Walker- Architect
    Paul Sheehan- Headmaster but not a No. 10 batsman
    Sid Barnes- property developer

  2. citrus bob says

    Dan – good try but I did say an “Australian team” and WG does not qualify.
    3/11 is probably not a pass but if you can get W.M.Lawry to fix your plumbing that would be great.
    As a hint (again!) the team is in batting order so the Real Estate Agent at 11 is obviously a real rabbit.

  3. Was Vic Richardson a stock broker?


  4. Rabid Dog says

    Bob, here’s my list:
    Doctor – Dan Harris – I was considering Ric Charlesworth, but I don’t think he played cricket for Oz, only hockey. Ric could also be the middle order Pollie (But there are better options)
    Plumber – Bill Lawry
    Stock Broker – Bradman (there’s some stories there – really….)
    Chemist/Pharmacist – Ian Craig.
    Investment banker – Ed Cowan
    Pollie – Gi Langley (I also thought of Sam Loxton but would have him up the order – we alos need a ‘keeper.
    Florist – Ray Lindwall
    Civil engineer – Jim Higgs
    Architect – Max Walker
    Teacher – froggy Thomson
    Real Estate Agent (and bunny) – Mick Malone.

  5. Doctor – Shane Watson – Dr Watson I presume?
    Bradman – got the seat on the Stock Exchange after his mentor fiddled the books
    Chemist – Pat Howard (I’m sure he rated his cricket skills highly)
    Investment Banker – Bob Cowper
    Politician – Sam Loxton
    Florist – Ray Lindwall
    Farokh Engineer
    Max Walker
    Teacher – any number of options – but given the batting order I’ll go the recently deceased Tony Mann
    Real Estate – again a few options but the “rabbit” label suggests the original mystery spinner Jack Iverson

  6. citrus bob says

    Rabid Dog 4/11 Just another clue Jim Higgs would never, repeat never ever have batted at number 8 in any team but he was a Civil Engineer.
    As usual Peter B – some tongue in cheek but with a little more thought and promoting from your teacher your marks could have been better 7/11 Gee, this is like being in the class room but a virtual class will do.

  7. citrus bob says

    Glen are you suggesting that V.Y.Richardson was a one man team ?
    He was one of Australia’s truly great all-round sportsman but no he did not make the team and as I intimated all players played for Australia after the war in test cricket and the team is a dinky-di batting order.

  8. Citrus bob
    The doctor clue is really puzzling me!
    I have found several medicos who played for australia before ww2 eg Roy Park.
    Dr Dan Harris was a substitute for australia at adelaide oval one year.
    I have found a female doctor who played test cricket for australia.
    And very laterally Dr A J Woodcock opened for Australia but of course he’s not a medico.
    Any other clues?
    I’ll keep looking!

  9. No Citrus Bob, i was struggling for answers beyond Max Walker as an architect, also Ray Lindwall as a florist.

    Tellingly i by passed the reference of being after the Second World War.

    Sorry, not one of my better comments.


    PS: Was Victor Richardson a stock broker, or some sort of big wig in South Australian financiers? I need to check again.

  10. citrus bob says

    CHARLIE – great research you have done there and I would like to know who the female doctor is?
    Will keep you in suspense but the Doctor I need became one of Australia’s most eminent surgeons who invented laser surgery in the 70’s,. The only gynaecologist to play for Australia and he was awarded an Order of Australia for his medical work. Naturally he gave up cricket like many people did in his day to concentrate on studies. Another clue? His brother played over 100 games with Footscray and was Australian table tennis champion.Team? My Sri Lankan guru (marvin Vaas) new the answer.
    GLEN – no apologies necessary. Vic Richardson was a salesman and sports commentator. Definitely not a big whig in SA. DGB was not one of his favourites!. Where is your team?

  11. Thanks for the tips Bob. I know the docs now – Colin McD, and the female doc was leading SA women’s cricketer, and gynaecologist, (Prof) Jill Need. I thought the suggestion of ‘Doctor Watson’ was a bit too out there.

  12. citrus bob says

    RAPID DOG – sorry dog you are getting mixed up with C.C.McDonald’s brother Dr.Ian who did travel with an Australian team as its medico. Very good wicketkeeper. You have corrected me in one respect with Prof Jill Need who makes 2!.
    Hint – you are close when you said Colin McDonald. NO MORE CLUES!

  13. Thanks Bob – getting mixed with the McDs. Must be George Thoms. Debuted with Colin. Both played their first test together.

  14. Another possibility-Real Estate Agent- Stuart Clark. Seem to recall him hitting some big sixes though. Maybe more a No 10.

  15. Great wirk Rabs.

  16. citrus bob says

    RAPID DOG – Another player who had two wives also mad his debut in that game. What did his wives have in common?

    DAN – Stuart Clark would have unbalanced the attack

  17. CB- did he have the two wives concurrently or consecutively?

    Great quiz. Am enjoying the thread too.

  18. Bob, Richie Benaud was the other debutante. He tried to forget his first wife, I believe. I’ve NFI what they have in common, aside form being female, and having the same surname.

  19. citrus bob says

    MICKEY – I am enjoying people hanging on a thread

    DOG – Correct and my favourite trivia question ” What did Richie Benaud’s wives have in common?”

    ANSWER : They are both flowers – Marcia LAVENDER and DAPHNE Seeney.

  20. Peter Flynn says

    Marvin Vaas went with the following and got 10/11 straight up.

    Citrus wasn’t overly thrilled with Marvin.

    Malone (should have been Iverson)

    XXXXX was a spinner.

  21. citrus bob says

    PJF – yes our mutual friend from Galle was right on the ball but just missed out.
    Here is the team in batting order.
    W.M.LAWRY (Vic)
    G.R.THOMS (Vic)
    M.H.N.WALKER (Vic)
    J.B.IVERSON (Vic)

  22. How about-
    Doc George Thoms
    Plumber Bill Lawry
    Stockbroker Bradman
    Chemist Ian Craig
    Investment Bob Cowper
    Pollie Sam Loxton
    Florist Ray Lindwall
    Civil Engineer John MacLean (thanks Dr Google!)
    Architect Max Walker
    Teacher John Inverarity
    Real Estate Jack Iverson
    Might be short a pace bowler!!

  23. Bugger! I should have checked first- thanks Citrus Bob. You should send this to The Final Word podcast for their amusement- it would be right up their alley!

  24. citrus bob says

    JAMO – Noticed you called all players by their christian name except Bradman – any reason?

    Hope you noticed that officially no players from WA, TAS AND SA.

  25. Bradman was a great cricketer but a very ordinary human being, according to my Grandfather who was an up and coming cricket umpire in the 50s, but didnt have the connections to get to the top1 I took it to mean he wouldn’t join the lodge- he was a non drinking Presbyterian! He was also filthy on bradman for the treatment of Ian Meckiff.
    I thought Inverarity was a good get, and redressed the state balance a little! ( and a fine choice at 10)

  26. Hey Jamo – my GFather played against Bradman; later a Shield and reserve Test umpire. He was a kind and considerate man, and well-respected in SA cricket circles. Told me parts of numerous Bradman stories – he was no fan either – too much of a gentleman to say too much more. Thought Tiger Bill was correct in his dislike too. A keen collector of cricket books, he had none about Bradman. BTW – He also no-balled Meckiff in a Shield game….reckoned he and Murali were chuckers.

  27. Gday RD
    I’d love to get the real story behind the Meckiff incident. Grandpa barracked for South Melbourne (Meckiff’s club) and so was hardly impartial. Bradman clearly had his favourites and some players suffered for it accordingly. I was always amused/puzzled by the Don’s fawning over Tendulkar!

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