Almanac Tennis – Wimbledon 2015: Can someone explain that Round 4 match to me?

G’day Sportsfans


I did not have an opportunity to see the Krygios-Gasquet match live last night. I’ve just turned it on now (replay on Fox), and it’s the tie-break of the third set.

Can someone give me a run down of what happened, and an insight into Nick Krygios.

And what about those Fanatics?





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  1. Wow. You don’t save those two match points and then hit that winner to take the thid set without a serious tennis game.

  2. Didn’t see it either but love the newspaper headline stating that Krygios blew a Gasquet and lost.

    What happens to these blokes? Last summer I admired Krygios’ spirit, but he’s turned that into childish belligerence. Too much money?

  3. The less said about the Fanatics the better. A pox on their house. Total wankers

  4. Kyrgios has the tennis ability to rival Djokovic and Federer. He has the emotional intelligence to rival Jacko, Bernie and Robbie Muir on a bad day.
    As Harmsy said on Offsiders he is young and undisciplined and takes his role models from the ‘in your face’ arrogance of NBA basketballers.
    The main difference is that tennis is an individual sport and there is no team culture to focus you and use your talents to achieve the team goals.
    Reminded me of NBA Supercoach Phil Jackson’s discussion in “11 Rings” of the strategies he used to focus Dennis Rodman.
    In the second set I thought Kyrgios was using ‘gamesmanship’ to work himself up and unsettle his opponent – a la McEnroe. But Kyrgios is guileless, and instead he totally lost the plot for a whole set, and spent several games just dead batting the ball into the net.
    Having sacked one coach a month ago, he spent a lot of last night mumbling about how his manager/interim coach wouldn’t do what he asked.
    He is a bronco that refuses to be roped. He will either flame out or becoming a Top 5 player.
    Last night I found myself supporting Gasquet because Kyrgios and the Fanatics were so objectionable. Ugly Australians not doing us any favours on a world stage.
    I think that this season may be the hard lessons that Kyrgios needs to learn to harness his talents and make his mind his ally and not his master.
    “Experience is the best teacher, but she charges expensive rates.”
    Hope so as Nick is a breathtaking shotmaker. He may become a Federer, or stay a Monfils.
    Hope its the former.

  5. Matt Quartermaine says

    It was disaster night on the TV last night JTH. I don’t know which was the bigger crash, Krygios or the Tour De France? Injured bicyclists bravely continued to the finish line and Krygios would have had a spinal injury if he had one.

  6. Dave Brown says

    I love having someone that is so easy to make fun of. The circus is in town every time he sets foot on court. He may be mentally undisciplined but Andy Murray has demonstrated you can do just fine with that… as long as you don’t fancy beating Djokovic very often. As for the Fanatics, like those Swedish fans used to be but with a sense of humourectomy.

  7. Phil Dimitriadis says

    I think Kyrgios has been attending the Yanis Varoufakis school of how to win friends and influence people.
    He definitely has the talent and the shots, but lacked the footwork and the patience to win the big points. Weight of expectation more acute now and he is struggling to live up to it.
    Maybe Nick should hire the now former Greek Finance Minister as his Coach. That will give Tennis Australia some sleepless nights and make the sport more entertaining.
    As for the ‘Fanatics’: OXI, OXI, OXI !!!

  8. The Wrap says

    For Schadenfreuders, watching the Kyrgios meltdown was more compulsive than watching Essendon celebrate Jobe Watson’s 200th game in the Red & Black. The trouble is, you lose respect for yourself in the morning. The main point of difference is that Essendon haven’t been booed off the oval — yet. It’s not so much a bad look as a disgraceful look. And for anyone who grew admiring Harry Hopman and the Australian tennis culture that he produced, this was a citizenship removing performance. How about it Tony?

  9. come on you supposed Test Cricket lovers, Pakistan’s fightback was the only sport on my TV last night.
    I’ve taught enough Kyrgios/Tomic attitudes in Yr9 classes to get me through this life.

  10. The fanatics are incredibly annoying. Really I can’t see it as support at all, more a detraction from the enjoyment of the game. If they turn up to the cricket with the same bollocks its back to Oui Oui de France for me.
    I read an article many years ago titled “Learning to love Lleyton”. God I hope the same doesn’t have to be written for Bernie and Niko. I excuse the callowness of youth, I have to. It is a human condition very few of us escape, even as we age. Don’t agree? Take a look in the mirror. I’ll lend you mine, seems to do the job.

  11. Peter Flynn says

    An eccentric praying mantis.

    Hilarious exchange with the ump when changing his socks.

    “If this was Rafa, it’d be OK.”

    “Hey Richard, just changing my socks.”

    “Yep he’s OK with it.”

  12. Steve Hodder says

    Correct me if I’m wrong but I think the “Fanatics” are a touring company i.e. you pay to be part of the tour, you get tickets to various sporting and “cultural” events around the world and as part of the deal you have to dress up and behave like a knucklehead. How else could you explain their continued existence?


  13. The Wrap says

    Many a great idea is spoken in jest Steve. If it’s not a sports tour company it should be. There’d be no end of takers. The potential client pool is wide & deep. Any venture capitalists out there prepared to back this one?

  14. Peter Flynn says

    A few too many words about the Fanatics.

    Not worth the waste of time.

  15. Peter Flynn says

    Kyrgios did play like somebody not in love with tennis.

    I know he was misquoted about this but he did play in a certain ‘carefree’ manner.

  16. Lucky Nick is not a Pakistani quick bowler or we would have all been screaming “spot betting” in the second set.
    He may not love tennis, but I wonder if he’d love flipping burgers like most 20yo’s?
    Self absorption and a sense of entitlement is the monster we have created for our young people in this most privileged of societies.
    “Those who only know tennis, only tennis know”

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