Almanac Tennis – Eastern District Tennis Association Division 8 Boys, Round 1: East Torrens Kensington Gardens vs. Hectorville – Kickstarter


East Torrens Kensington Gardens versus Collingwood

8.15pm, Saturday 21 October,

Max Amber Sportsfield (Athelstone), Adelaide

Aidan Hammond


Today I am playing my first game of proper tennis without modified rules. After dominating most of the year I have been moved up to Div. 8 boys and I will be meeting my new team. We get there and we are versing Hectorville one of the closest clubs to my house. Nobody has arrived so he have a hit up then someone arrives but I don’t have to play him. So they hit and we still practise.


Actually it turns out that I do have to play him so I go and do that, he wins the spin and he serves. I lose the first game and it is not looking good , then I lose the second game but I still believe I can get back. By this time another singles match has started. Then I lost another game and I started thinking 6-0 is a bad way to start the season but I got back on my feet and won the next 2 but then it was 4-2 then 4-3. I can do it. 5-3 5-4. I need to win. I do 5-5 and I win a great way to start.


The rest of my team do well all winning the singles matches against one kid who is 16 and twice the size of me. We start the doubles for both games and it is fairly close but I know we will win anyway it is only a margin of 1 the whole time. It is 5- and the last match of the day. I am serving deuce ad server winner server no tie breaks winning. ETKG are off to a flyer.




Hectorville 0


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