Almanac Teams: The Zoo team

I’ve been thinking about selecting a team of animals. Though the spelling of the names aren’t always accurate of the particular species, they are pronounced the same as the name of animals.


I did not include nicknames thus ‘Horse’, ‘Snake’ and the ‘Whale’ etc. are all missing. Ditto names like Hawkins and Hawken which include an animal.


B: D Salmon, Collingwood. J Hogg, Richmond. N Crowe, Richmond.

HB: M Pike, Melbourne/North Melbourne/Fitzroy. I Salmon, Footscray. C Bird, Sydney/Essendon.

C: A Swallow, North Melbourne. D Swan, Collingwood. D Swallow, Gold Coast.

HF: G Lyon, Melbourne. M Crow, Essendon/Footscray. R Lyon, Fitzroy/Brisbane.

F: S Gull, South Melbourne/Melbourne. P Salmon, Essendon/Hawthorn. N Cockatoo, Geelong.

Foll: R Crow, Fitzroy. P Hawke, Sydney/Collingwood. C  Cockatoo-Collins, Essendon/Port Adelaide.

Inter: M Hogg, Footscray/Carlton. D Chick, Hawthorn. W Fox, Footscray. T Fox, Footscray.

Emerg: Da Cockatoo-Collins, Melbourne.  Do Cockatoo-Collins, Melbourne.


Who better coach than Paul Roos. He’s a monty for selection in this team, but I thought the coaching caper suited him better.





  1. Typical Victorian bias. No Nathan Eagleton (Port Adelaide and Bulldogs) or more recently Matt Eagles (Brisbane). (Great team idea but).

  2. What a menagerie! Loved this, Glen!

  3. Valid point PB re me missing out on Matt Eagles.

    Nathan Eagleton, like Jack Hawkins, etc does not meet the criteria as his name is not solely based on an animal.


  4. DBalassone says

    Scott Crow was a handy player for the Pies during the ‘Tony Shaw years’.

    Highly original concept. Who would’ve thought you’d be able to get 22 from that theme – although it seems that the majority are of the bird variety, with a few fish thrown in. Would love to see more mammals.

  5. Robert Lamb of Richmond and South, plus the other Lambs that have gambolled across our playing fields over the years

  6. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Great idea Glen !
    Always enjoy a trip to the zoo.
    From Collingwood:
    Arthur Leach
    Trevor Steer
    Eric Cock
    Bill Buck
    Leo Bird

  7. Some more Eagles suggestions Glen! (Isn’t an Eagleton a baby Eagle?) Don Pyke sounds a bit fishy. Dwayne Lamb (151 games & 2 flags – not Tom – 1 game). Adam Cockie (running the zoo or in the bird cage?)
    Adam Hunter would be urgently traded out.

  8. Dave Nadel says

    A few extra mammals. Tony BULL played 311 games for the Demons in the fifties. Jack KIDD played for Essendon, Carlton and Fitzroy in the twenties and thirties. Tim COLLEY (yes, I know that is not how it is spelt) played six games for Geelong in 1970-71. There are 16 footballers with the surname Russell listed in the Encyclopedia of AFL Footballers but not one of them is named Jack or even John.

    There was a bloke named Doug Panther at Monash in the 60s and I worked with a man named Jim Badger in the 80s but neither of them played football or had namesakes playing VFL/AFL.

  9. Dave Nadel says

    Make that 31 games for Tony Bull. I should have checked for typos before I posted.

  10. Mic Rees says

    Hello Glen.

    Harry Dolphin – 15 games for Footscray (1940/1942). Two year stint as President of the club (1961-62)


  11. PB, i ‘ll retract my earlier comment. If Nathan is a junior eagle he can pad out the emergency listing with the Cockatoo-Collins brothers.

    Damian, can you find any reptilian surnames, like monitor or something similar ?


  12. Stainless says

    May be a bit obscure but the self-proclaimed greatest CHF of all time, Royce Hart must get a run here.
    A hart is another word for deer.

    And on the reptile front, does “Snake” Baker get a place in the goal square??

  13. G’day Stainless.

    Valid point re Royce Hart.

    Not so re Phil Baker as i didn’t pick on the basis of nicknames just surnames. It does get me thinking of a team of players with animal nicknames. Hmm, maybe a future posting.


  14. Cat from the Country says

    What fun. Thanks for researching these

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