Almanac Teams: The Three Cs

Cecil Pettiona. From:



At the behest/cajoling/urging of Dave Nadel I’ve delved back into time to pick a side of players bestowed with a Christian name of either Cecil, Cedric or Cyril. These are players, names, from a bygone era.


We all marvelled at the brilliant recent career of Cyril Rioli and I vaguely recall Cec Rheinberger in defence for Fitzroy, playing alongside Noel Zunnenberg, but most of these names predate me and many Almanackers by a long time.


Let’s look at the team then think who would be a worthy name(s) opponent(s) ?



B:      Cyril Powell (Rich/SM).             Cec Ruddell (Ess).                   Cec Graeme (St. K).


HB:   Cec Rheinberger (Fitz)               Cyril O’Brien (Rich)                Cyril Hall (Melb)


C:   Cecil Kerr (Fitz)                              Cedric Cox (Bris)                  Cecil Pettiona (SM)


HF: Cecil Quinlan (Melb)                    Cec Austen (Haw)                 Ced Hovey (Geel)


F:   Cyril Rioli (Haw)                           Cecil Sandford (Geel/St. K)      Cyril Mann (Carl)


Foll: Cyril Cooper (Foot)                     Cyril Gove (Ess)                        Cyril Collard (Haw)


  Cyril Nott (Haw/Rich) Cyril Seelenmeyer ( Univ) Cec Hammer (Geel) Cyril Zimmer (Fitz)

Emerg:   Cedric Mcleod (Rich) Cyril McNamara (SM) Cecil Garton (Ess)

Coach:   Any takers?


What about the Clarries, Clems, Clives, Claudes, and Clydes ? Of these Clive Waterhouse is the one who comes to mind most readily; of course there are also names like Horrie & Percy, that are from the days of yore.


Anyhow these name teams are certainly good conversation starters…






  1. Coach: Cyril Said (form Blankety Blanks)

  2. Surely Cecil Rhodes would make the interchange bench
    A film about our team would be produced by Cecil deMille
    Graham Cyril Kennedy could provide comedy
    Our sponsor would be Seppelts. During ’56 and ’57 Seppelts ran the following radio ad.
    “Seppelts white vinegar is noted for its purity”
    “You can say that again Cecil”
    “Right, I will, Seppelts white vinegar is noted for its purity”.
    Any way, isn’t it about time some accepted my challenge of a little time ago and selected a team of Maudes, Mabels, Muriels, Mavises and Marthas? How about it.

  3. PS- correction time. Should be Cecil B deMille and someone accepted my challenge

  4. Thank you for accepting my challenge, Glen. The only player on this list that I am sure I have seen play is, of course, Cyril Rioli.

  5. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Horrie Clover one of Carlton’s greats and Horrie Jose one of Collingwood’s not so greats, Glen !
    Claude Bryan and Cyril Steele (University)
    Surely a team of Berts and Ernies beckons?

  6. A great team needs a good supply of supporters, accordingly i nominate railway man Cyril Hann. For well over 50 years Cyril supported his beloved Redlegs, especially at the Norwood Oval. In the sixties Cyril would urge Big Bill Wedding on when competing in the ruck with his loud cries of “BORE INTO ‘EM BILL”. More often than not, Bill obliged as more and more of us fans joined in the chorus. Yes Cyril would be invaluable to our team.

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