Almanac Teams: The Red Cats (from Geelong)


Though I’m an old man, my memory of things historical is still pretty sharp. Following a recent on-line chin-wag with Fisho, and as always with these teams, inspired by the erudite Phil Dimitriadis, here is a team of Geelong redheads. I focused on the years 1969-1999, my three decades of supporting them.


Delving deep into my memory I reckon Jimmy Wright had both red hair and occasionally wore glasses; I recall seeing him on the TV, but I wasn’t ever present at a match to see him play seniors. Was he in the magoos the day of my first fateful visit to Kardinia Park in Round 7, 1972?  Ian Lewtas, Chris Lynch, I’m pretty sure I recall as red heads, though I’m a tad unsure about Brian Martella.


Now is there someone older than me who can recall Geelong players pre-1969? Was Darrell Herrod a redhead?


Ditto for those who followed Geelong since 1999. Cameron Ling, Gary Rohan, are the two redheads coming to mind. Are there others I’m not aware of?


Can someone please fill the gaps? A forward pocket, and some bench warmers.



B               C Biddiscombe            I Lewtas               C Lynch

HB:            A Preston                     T McGrath           J Wright

C:                D Steele                         C Ling                    A Hickmott

HF:          G Rohan                         B Stoneham            M Mckinnon

F:              I Hampshire                   J Mossop   

Foll:            D Bourke                        D Forssman           N Bruns

Inter:   B Martella?


Coach: R Hickey

Assistant coach : W McMaster






  1. Robert “Scratcher” Neal springs to mind
    Ken Gladman another possibility

  2. Ta Burkie. I had “Scratcher”,in my original team, then a seniors moment struck, and i forgot him !

    The red headed Number 35 who came over from Tasmania in in 1974, to be a speedy wing man. He finished his career playing in the back pocket with St Kilda.

    Speaking of Geelong players who went to Moorabin, Glen Middlemiss was neither a blonde or had black hair, though he wasn’t exactly a red head.

    Ken Gladman, i recall the name, but can’t recall him playing.


  3. Great idea. What about Mad Dog Morgan? I think he wore number 11.

  4. Hasn’t the Sleepy Hollow Redheads been done before???

  5. Possibly Gerry,though i asked re that issue prior to this posting.

    Can you recall when?

    I do have a propensity to post articles,forgetting key bits until straight after posting. Robert ” Scratcher Neal” here being indicative. I also cast my mind back to Tim Evans who played in the early 1970’s. I recall my father taking me to Victoria Park in R3 1973 ,and Geelong coped a shellacking. Evans stood firm at Centre Half back, like the kid with his finger in the dyke.

    His hair,i think, was gingery brown, verging on red. He ended up in the SANFL becoming a goal kicker of note.

    It was a while ago.


  6. I think Ian Hampshire played for Geelong in addition to his time playing for and coaching Footscray.

  7. Thanks for your honorable mention Glen, as someone once said “very interesting”. Whilst on the subject of red heads (not the matches) I have always been attracted to the female variety. In fact, I dated 3 of them.

    The first, Dianne lasted only a short time. She said I was too mature for her. I took that as code for boring. The second, Erica was absolutely gorgeous and when she finally dumped me I was heart broken. However, every cloud has a silver lining for a little over a year later I met my third red head, Heather. We have been married now for close on 47 years. On of the best things I ever did.

    Hoping to hear from you again Glen

  8. DBalassone says

    Great theme Glen. I have to say Scratcher Neal was the first name I thought of too.

    What about the great Buddha Hocking? Maybe more of a blonde, but I reckon there was a bit of red in there. One of my favourite players of all time.

    No doubt Dean Robinson would be fitness coach.

  9. Glen, it wasn’t all that long ago, i remember posting a comment about Darren Morgan in the ’89 reserves GF, and the thread was about redheads who played for the Cats, but how do you find it? Doesn’t appear to be a search function on here, cheers!

  10. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    That’s niche Glen !
    Bernie Smith? 1951 Brownlow Medalist and dual premiership player. Handy bloodnut for the Cats from the old pics I’ve seen.

  11. Ta folks.

    JTH, my recollection of Darren Morgan is of long, scraggly blonde hair.

    Gerry i recall the ’89 magoos GF. Morgan got a ‘toe-tap’ from a Fitzroy player. I saw it , though for legal reasons the Lion shall remain nameless, though his surname starts with B.

    Mark, Ian Hampshire spent 8 years at Geelong, before going to Footscray to catch up with Billy Goggin.

    Phil, Bernie Smith would have been in the cohort with Reg Hickey & Bill McMaster. Before my time,though McMaster coached the Cats in my early years of following them: 1971-72 .


  12. Glen, found it, it was a thread on rangas more generally, but of course the Cats featured prominently

    I thought Darren Morgan was definitely of the ginger persuasion but i could be mistaken (often am!). I just recall Doc Wheildon and Dean Lupson belting him unmercifully in that 89 magoos GF.

  13. Luke Reynolds says

    Was Tim Bourke a ginger like his brother?

  14. Ta Gerry.I recall Darren Morgan having long, scraggly, blonde hair. That 1989 GF,i thought it was Bolzon who got stuck into him. Hmm, Bolzon, Lupson, i ‘ve probably confused the names.

    G’day Luke. Tim only played about 5 games and i’m fairly sure he had dark hair.

  15. Tim Bourke actually was at North Melbourne after he left Geelong.
    With all due respect, the North heirarchy were shocked at how poor his skills and general footy ability were.

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