Almanac Teams: The Last Noel


The Last Noel !


If that’s a question I surmise the answer is Noel Lovell . His last game was in R 17 1986, when he appeared for Richmond against St Kilda, one of his four appearance for Richmond. This followed 16 games for Collingwood. Lovell made his VFL debut in Collingwood’s victory over Geelong in the 1981 preliminary final. This was the match when Geelong’s Garry Sidebottom literally missed the bus.


Noel Carter was another Noel to find finals football early in his career.  In his fifth senior game he was fortunate enough to play in Richmond’s 1973 premiership team.


On the half forward line I included “Ocker” Stephens, who came down from Jerilderie to play for Geelong in the early 1970’s. I’m of the understanding his baptismal name would possibly be Peter Noel Stephens, but I recall at different times in his career he was alternatively known as either Peter or Noel, or of course ‘Ocker’.


Anyhow inspired once again by the indomitable Phil Dimitriadis, here’s another name side, this time of Noel’s.


B:    Baker, (Melb.)             Jenkinson, (Rich/SM.)     Barnett, (Melb.)

HB: Fincher, (NM/Foot.)  Zunneberg, (Fitz.)            Mugavin,(Fitz/Rich.)

C: McMahen, (Melb.)         Lovell, (Coll/Rich.)           Jarvis, (Fitz.)

HF:  Fisher, (Fitz.)     Stephens, (AKA Peter, or ‘Ocker’) (Geel. )    Smith, (Ess.)

F:  Price, (Fitz.)                   Rayson, (Geel/SM.)       O’Brien, (Carl.)

Teasdale, (NM.)        Carter, (Rich.)                 Alford, (NM.)

Inter: Voigt, (Haw.) Anderson, (NM/Rich.) Dickson, (Foot.) Alsop, (Foot.)

Emerg: Webster, (Haw.) Ryan, (Foot.) Tyrrell, (SM.) Ellis, (Melb.)


 PS: Luke are there many/any cricketing Noel’s of note? Noel Harford, NZ ?




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  1. Rulebook says

    Noel Pettingill who played for Norwood and Sturt most consistent long kick of a footy I have ever seen

  2. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Noel Long (brother of Michael) had a great record at St Mary’s and beyond

  3. Sorry gang, I can only come up with a female version ie Noeline Batley, a fine singer from our past.She could entertain our team.

  4. Oops, the correct spelling for her was NOELEEN and she was a very popular Australian singer.

  5. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Good stuff Glen! Thought Noel Lovell would kick on after a promising debut in the 1981 finals. Definitely had talent. Who was the first Noel ? (Pardon the mid year Christmas pun).

  6. NOEL FERRIER (deceased 1997) an Australian television personality and comedian would have been good to entertain the team.

  7. Following on from Rulebook’s nomination of Noel Pettingill, Opposition fans often referred to him as NOLEEN PETTINGILL or NOEL PETTINGIRL. He wasn’t rough and tough but, boy, was he effective.

  8. Noel Ferrier; there’s a blast from the past.

    He used to be on Blanketty-Blanks with Noel-een Brown.

    Phi,l the first Noel; of the top of my head,possibly Jarvis. I’ll need to re-read my notes.


  9. Phil, it appears Noel Barnett, born 22/11/1908 was the first Noel.

    He played 11 games, kicking 2 goals, for Melbourne in 1933.

    Our first Noel was born in Holbrook, the home of the famous replica submarine. He played for the now defunct West Albury in the Ovens and Murray League.


  10. Not many of us Noels left. In my travels I reckon Geelong and surrounds has the highest proportion of Noels anywhere in the world. There is one Noel I work with who is under 45, could be the last one anywhere. Thanks Glen!

  11. NOEL GULLY was a really good baseballer for the Sturt winter baseball team and the Sturt Tigers in Night baseball. In ’57 after a stellar performance in the Claxton Shield, Gully made the ALL AUSTRALIAN TEAM as an outfielder and really good batter. Gully was also a more than useful pitcher in club baseball. After his playing days were over he became an excellent baseball coach. Gully was, in his later years, a regular caller on KG Cunningham’s radio sports’ show.

    I know you Almanacas would be most disappointed if I didn’t give a baseball report. .

  12. Glen, Phil etc, I’m still waiting for someone to come up with a squad of colours in their names. “Bluey” Adams, Simon Black and Colin Brown readily spring to mind. On the comedy side could be Bluebottle from the Goon Show and Greenbottle from Yes What. Singers could be Pink and Helen Reddy. Anyway chaps, let’s do tbis.

  13. Valid point Fisho.

    Names and imagery with for example,Malcolm Greenslade, John Scarlett, and Redpath, the luckless forward from the WB, would be a goer.


  14. Here’s a few more colourful characters – Jesse White, Hugh Greenwood, Red Symonds and Red Skelton. Security for the squad could come from Pinkerton’s’ detectives, the squad could be piloted around Australia by Ginger Hebblethwaite (from the Biggles books), read Jimmy Gray alias the Shadow (old Australian) comic books plus Ginger Meggs comic strips and drink ginger beer.

  15. Fisho , do you imagine any of them wearing a raspberry beret , or getting around in a white sports coat bedecked with a pink carnation ?

    Maybe holidaying at the blue lagoon, listening to Honky Tonk Blues. A Carlton Black in hand to cap it off.

    The possibilities are endless.

    A possibility may be a side of Geelong redheads. From the time of chaps like ‘Bluey’ Hampshire, Chris Lynch up through ‘Scratcher’ Neal, Barry Stoneham,then the era of Cameron Ling up to Gary Rohan, Geelong has had a lot of redheads pull on the blue;n’white hoops.


  16. Other names that come to mind are Toby Greene, Luke Brown and Ben Brown. In their spare time they could go black berrying whilst singing the blues. As you say Glen, the possibilities are endless.

  17. Ta Fisho.

    Has any one put together, for the Almanac, a side of Geelong red-heads?


  18. Not as far as I know

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