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Footy Alamanac Norm


Hands up those of us who can recall Norm, from Life Be In It? He was a wonderful parody of life in  back in the late `70s . The `70s  was a decade for Norms.


My maternal grandfather, Norm Johnstone, life time member of Corowa Racing Club, long-time supporter of the Corowa footy club, was around then. I remember him coming to Melbourne in 1975 to see North Melbourne win their first flag. Norm Gallagher was another Norm I recall from that period. I remember the first time I met him @ the John Curtin Hotel, around 1979-80. I was quite chuffed.


There was of course Norm(an) Yemm, former Port Melbourne footballer, runner and TV celebrity.  For those of us like myself who are Port Melbourne supporters the Norm Goss father, and son, combination is steeped in legend,  along with the lion-hearted Norm Brown who coached Port Melbourne premiership victories in 1974, 1976, and 1977 .


Yes, back to a side of Norms’. The Goss’s are both there, along with Norm Brown.


Among the emergencies is Norm Mitchell who played 3 games for St Kilda also played Sheffield Shield cricket for Victoria.


I thought I’d include Norm Richards from University as an emergency. A memory of a  long-gone team, from a halcyon time.


What better coach than Norm Smith. Yes, he’s also selected in the goal square. It seems forgotten that he briefly captain-coached Fitzroy prior to his great run at Melbourne, a period in which they made 8 grand finals winning 6 before he was controversially axed. He later led South Melbourne to their first finals appearance in 25 years. Topping that off is his on-field performances with 227 games and 572 goals.


B:   Black (Haw)               Scott (Geel)                               Baker (Ess)


HB:   McDonald (Ess)     Mcintosh (Rich)                          Clark (Carl)


C:   Dare (Fitz)               Matthews (Melb/SM)                  Macleod (Coll)


HF:   Glenister, (Geel)        Ware (Foot)                  McDermott (Ess)


F:    Johnstone (Fitz)     Smith (Mel / Fitz)                Goss, Snr. (Haw)


Foll:    Brown  (Fitz)      Betson (Ess)             Goss, Jnr. (SM/ Haw)


Int:    Edwards (Foot) Sharp (Geel) Simpson (Ess) Gorde (Haw)


Emerg:    Mitchell (St .K)   Richards (Uni)     Tivendale (Foot)


Coach:     Smith (Fitz/Melb/South )



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  1. Wally from Williamstown says

    “Stormin'” Norman Schwarzkopf would be handy in the coaches box for making positional manouveres in a tight game.

    Norman Greenbaum could maybe come up with a suitable club song.

  2. Consideration should be given to West Torrens footballer and administrator Norm Grimm, father of Barbara who was, for a time, engaged to fantastic Redleg rover Neville Harris aka “Mighty Mouse”. Barbara, in her time, could play footy better than a lot of lads (me included)

  3. Although, to the best of my knowledge, champion baseballer from the fifties, Norm “Chalky” White never played footy but was an automatic state selection as an outfielder for SA over many years. Chalky was an extremely fast base runner and was a powerful left handed batter for the Adelaide baseball club. He died last year aged 91.

    Chalky played for Australia against the visiting American baseball team in the Melbourne ’56 Olympic games hitting a very long home run

  4. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    If we bent the rules slightly glen, Jack Gunston would get a berth.

    Similarly, Peter Norman could be the fitness coach.

  5. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Great team Glen !
    In 123 years of VFL/AFL history, we have yet to see a Norm umpire a game !

  6. You’ve all forgotten the greatest NORMAN of all. Direct from NORMANDY in 1066 William the Conqueror took out King Harold to usher in the Feudal System in England

  7. Rabid Dog says

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