Almanac Teams: In Two Minds (1980-)




A team of more obscure/lesser known players to wear the Number 2 jumper since 1980.



Here’s my second team of players to wear the Number 2, mostly from 1980 onwards but I have made exceptions, such as for Terry Daniher’s time as a Swan.



It is a light-hearted team based on cult figures, forgotten/lesser known players or stats/cameos associated with them, players known for other deeds, sons, fathers & brothers and forgotten players.



My criteria, similar to my previous efforts was:


  • Attempt to include one player per club
  • Brisbane/Fitzroy are classified as one club but I have given them preference for interchange spot or when a suitable player from any other club could not be used.
  • I have tried to create as balanced side as possible but this was not a priority
  • Stats are based on their time in that number




FB:                   Steven Armstrong (Mel)            Terry Keays (Rich)           Terry Daniher (SM)


CHB:               Ray Byrne (Geel)                         Bill Picken (Coll)               Grant Thomas (Fitz)


C:                      Geoff Ablett (Haw)                   Scott Watters (Freo)            Shane Woewodin (Coll)


CHF:                Dermott Brereton (Syd)             Wayne Carey (Adel)             Arynn Siposs (St.K)


FF:                    Willie Dick (Ess)                     Bernie Quinlan (Foots)          Robert Wiley (WCE)


Ruck:               Corey McKernan (Carl)               Luke Hodge (Bris)              Ray Huppatz (NM)


Interchange:    Garry Sidebottom (St.K)           Keith Thomas (Fitz)        Mark Williams (Bris)


Dale Woodhall (Coll)




No players from GWS or Gold Coast were selected.




Games in Number 2 (Years played)

Steven Armstrong 43 (2002-2005)

Terry Keays 25 (1991-1992)

Terry Daniher 18 (1977)

Ray Byrne 17 (1984)

Bill Picken 5 (1986)

Grant Thomas 4 (1985)

Geoff Ablett 202 (1973-1982)

Scott Watters 26 (1995-1996)

Shane Woewodin 62 (2003-2005)

Dermott Brereton 7 (1994)

Wayne Carey 28 (2003-2004)

Arryn Siposs 28 (2011-2014)

Willie Dick 7 (1992)

Bernie Quinlan 177 (1969-1977)

Robert Wiley 18 (1987)

Corey McKernan 41 (2002-2003)

Luke Hodge 41 (2018-2019)

Ray Huppatz 7 (1980)

Garry Sidebottom 54 (1978-1980)

Keith Thomas 28 (1987-1988)

Mark Williams 66 (1987-1990)

Dale Woodhall 12 (1984)



Steven Armstrong – Wore Number 2 in his first year. Unfortunately he was seriously injured in 2002’s Bali Bombings on an end of season trip; went on to play in a premiership with West Coast in 2006.


Terry Keays – Traded for Pick 4 in 1990, Keays had two years at Tigerland before being delisted and drafted by Collingwood again in the 1993 Mid-Season draft. Keays played mainly as a forward, even kicking 7 goals against Footscray in 1991, but is picked as a Full Back as he was the second opponent lined up against Jason Dunstall on the day he kicked 17 goals against Richmond.


Terry Daniher – Wore Number 2 in his second year at South Melbourne before being swapped for Neville Fields at the end of the year.


Ray Byrne – More well known at Carlton and Collingwood, Ray played one year at Geelong at end of his fine career after Tom Hafey brought him back from retirement.


Billy Picken – Came back to Collingwood after two years at Sydney, Ron McKeown had his famous Number 25 so he wore Number 2.


Grant Thomas – Better known as a Saints player and coach, Grant finished off his career at Fitzroy after a stint at North Melbourne.


Geoff Ablett – While Geoff has claims to be in the best of Number 2 side, he gets in here for winning the Grand Final Sprint a record four times in late 1970s and early 1980s.


Scott Watters – Was Fremantle first Number 2 and vice-captain, also coach of St Kilda in 2012-2013.


Shane Woewodin – Had a football career was full of surprises. Wasn’t drafted until Pick 18 in the 1997 Preseason Draft, Shane won an unexpected Brownlow three years later in a season where he did not make the All Australian side. Two years later he was traded to Collingwood where he played three seasons before retiring at the young age of 29.


Dermott Brereton – Joined Sydney after his career at Hawthorn was over, best known at Sydney for a 7-week suspension for standing on Rayden Tallis’s head in a practice match.


Wayne Carey – Finished off his career at Adelaide after personal issues at North Melbourne but was never the same player after 12 months out of the game.


Arryn Siposs – Better known now as a punter in NFL for Detroit.


Willie Dick – A cult figure for his name, on further analysis he had a successful WAFL career, making the top 25 players in last 25 years of the WAFL in 2012.


Bernie Quinlan – Someone of my vintage remembers him only as ‘Superboot’, Brownlow Medallist of Fitzroy, Bernie also had a great career at the Bulldogs which was somewhat lesser known.


Robert Wiley – While he first wore Number 2 at Richmond, Wiley returned aged 32 for West Coast’s inaugural year after a four year hiatus.


Corey McKernan – Had a great career with two Premierships and (almost) a Brownlow at North Melbourne. A fallout with Denis Pagan saw McKernan play for Carlton and win a Best & Fairest before returning to North Melbourne after Pagan was appointed Carlton coach.


Luke Hodge – After announcing his retirement at Hawthorn, Hodge returned a month later after being persuaded by Chris Fagan to come to Brisbane. Hodge still played good footy at Brisbane undertaking a leadership role.


Ray Huppatz – Better known as a Footscray and SANFL footballer, Huppatz finished his career at North Melbourne and gets in because I love the photo of his mutton chops in the VFL finals record.


Garry Sidebottom – Could probably make the team for an incident in another number and another club, but wore Number 2 at St Kilda where he was hit by a beer can that dazed him. He was also struck by Phil Carman of Essendon (who was reported) before Phil had a run in with the boundary umpire.


Keith Thomas – Played two years at Fitzroy but is best known as the recent CEO of Port Adelaide Football Club.


Mark Williams – Wore Number 2 first at Brisbane and was also their first vice-captain.


Dale Woodhall – Was to be Collingwood’s big hope when recruited at Full Forward, unfortunately he was delisted after early promise in his one year as Brian Taylor had by then been recruited.


Other forgotten Number 2s:


Brad Moran, Brodie Atkinson, Evan Hewitt, John Meesen (Adl), Peter Curran (Bris), Carl Dilena, (Fitz) Allan Sidebottam (Fitz/St.K), Matthew Dundas (Fitz/Rich), Dominic Fotia, Brett Backwell (Carl), David Robertson, Sean Rusling (Coll) Bryan Wood, Tony Antrobus (Ess) Jarrad Grant (GCS) Stephen Nichols, Geoff Miles (Geel), Justin Pickering, Chris Burton (Rich), Phillip Plumb, Vin Catoggio, Simon “Biscuits” Arnott (Syd), Shane Loveless, Richard Cousins (Foots)





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  1. You’re on fire Rodney.

    I notice the name Shane Loveless amongst the other forgotten number 2’s.

    His time at Footscray was short, and interesting, with 28 games, 72 goals, between 1979 & 1981. There was a purple patch of goals during 1980 with two bags of 8, & a 7 in a matter of a few weeks, however the presence of Simon Beasley and Kelvin Templeton limited his opportunities. Shane Loveless certainly played more football over the next few decades.

    He finally retired age 46 after kicking over,2,000 goals for 16 clubs. Seven times he kicked a century in a season, twice he kicked 25 in a game. No mean feats.

    There’s a few other number 2’s that may be options as emergencies, but that comment is for another time.

    Keep up the good work.


  2. A great idea, Rodney.

  3. Thanks Glen & Smokie appreciate it

    Didn’t know much about Shane Loveless he kicked a lot of goals in his career and surprised the lack of games he played for goals kicked, great effort to play until 46 and 16 clubs, shows a love for the game.

  4. Luke Reynolds says

    Good to see Sean Rusling get a mention, massive talent. Of all the Collingwood coodabeens I’ve seen he was as good as any, just couldn’t get on the park.

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