Almanac Sports History: John Carlos and Mexico City 1968. (From Democracy Now)

I was alerted to this by a Tony Wilson tweet.


Certainly worth a look.


Fascinating from John Carlos, and also a timely insight into mainstream media and independent media.


This interview is in two parts:


John Carlos for an Almanac lunch I say. And if only Peter Norman were still alive.

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  1. Peter warrington says:

    Greatest story ever told. The doco on Norman on how he was hung out to dry – but never became bitter – was a SFF highlight sometime last decade

    Me, I was lucky. For a year I was catching the train from Macdonaldtown. Every grim, lonely morning, I would catch a glimpse of that 68 mural (before the noise barriers obscured it), and put my “troubles” into perspective.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Peter Warrington says:

    on a similar note my Saturday Paper teaser demands that I watch the “Trials of Muhammad Ali”. and I will!

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