Almanac Saturday Life: Ted’s big day


A beaut thing about writing is you get to meet a lot of terrific people. I have written about Ted Bradley before. He’s the bloke who lives in Goodna and is a stalwart of the famous Goodna RLFC.  Goodna has had some issues with floods in recent years (not this year though).


I first got to know Ted when he rang to tell me I’d written his biography.  He thought Memoirs of a Mug Punter was about him. One thing led to another and we’ve had a few beers together since that day. He’s even come to an Almanac day at the races.


He contacts me some Saturday afternoons to remind me that the No. 9 has not won the last at the Gold Coast. That’s a story for another day.


Late on Saturday night I received this message from him:



Mr Harms i have just left a bar in bali iand i meet a bloke who use to run the fitzroy arms hotel he is now at ocean grove hotel small world he was before percy jones but i have manage to loose his name in my brunken state but inhave a enquse i won 500 on the punt in bali and the might horse i have a share in TIZ won at a non Tab meeting at warwick whichn i woould say is nezrly the centre of the univers the spelling might not be to good but in my defense i have a gut full of grog



My advice in return was that the publican was Andy. I also suggested he write a book in this genre.


I was disappointed not to be on the Warwick winner.


Read the story of the 2011 flood and how it affected Goodna HERE.

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  1. Colin Ritchie says

    Priceless these blokes! Larrikins all! So many stories of lives well lived and experiences gained. Yes, there’s got to be many books out there about these lives!

  2. Daryl Schramm says

    JTH. Absolutely priceless.. Especially being cabbed out by a rolling commitee.

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