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The Rugby League Almanac 2012


The NRL Footy Almanac (book) was published for the first time in 2012.

Sloppy Knights give Broncos an easy Monday night

When I hear the words Brisbane and rugby league together my mind first turns to the great BRL competition of the 1970s. That was another time. A decade later, many Queenslanders fell instantly in love with the Brisbane Broncos, marketed brilliantly as an incarnation of all things Queensland. But many didn’t. The dissenters could see [Read more]

An afternoon of hope

This assignment started out full of hope – what better thing to do than write about a Canterbury victory over Manly, especially at Brookvale.  Being almost out of finals contention five weeks ago, the Bulldogs had won three of the last four matches and were back in with a chance of finals glory. To add [Read more]

Seeing Cleary

Rugby league in Penrith faces its share of battles, that’s no secret. But on a Saturday night at Centrebet Stadium, it certainly feels like rugby league heartland. I’m visiting my mate Steve, who lives in the mountains and has the severe misfortune of being born a staunch Parramatta fan. He usually holds a torch for [Read more]

Dragons go close

I don’t miss too many Dragons games. Whether live or on TV or even on the radio I’ll make a serious effort to catch the game each week. I’ve even been known to submit to that unique form of pain – watching a match you’ve recorded earlier that evening even though you already know your [Read more]

The worst game ever played

I sit in front of my computer embarrassed to be writing my first review for the Almanac on possibly the worst game of the year.  14th versus 16th on the NRL ladder does not necessarily make this a bad game, and you would think that both proud clubs would be trying desperately to avoid the [Read more]

The Cronulla Curse

If there was ever a moment that typified life as a Cronulla supporter, one only had to look at the Sydney Football Stadium last Saturday night in the Sharks’ seemingly meaningless Round 24 encounter with the Headless Chooks. After playing some of their better football in recent weeks, the Sharks had managed to open up [Read more]

Monday’s closing in

When you have put The Bear to sleep (no longer able to play) there is nothing better than combining all the Fs at the footy. Family, friends, food, fruit from the vine(s) and fun. No matter where you are when this is locked in place, the footy looks after itself. In today’s match-up, it is [Read more]

A sad way to go – Gold Coast v Canberra

I thought about taking the train from Bris Vegas to Skilled Stadium at Robina on the Gold Coast with my 12 year old daughter. It would be Alan Tongue’s last game in Queensland and it would nice to say goodbye. Tongue has been our mutual hero for different reasons. I like how he plays every [Read more]

Loving The Locals – Wests Tigers v Parramatta Eels

Loving the Locals Leichhardt life is a peach. “Why?” I hear you ask To say that my wife, Ronnie, is a very committed Tigers would be akin to saying that Pope Benedict XVI is a very committed Roman Catholic. For mine though, where else is it possible to wed a café culture to the rough [Read more]

The Form Slump

    The once-mighty (often mighty, actually, when you consider the 11 premierships in a row) Dragons are in a slump. The reigning premiers played the very sharp Melbourne Storm outfit on Friday night, in far-off Melbourne town. The slump is about to get deeper. Those close to me would argue that of all the [Read more]