Almanac Racing – good luck for 2016

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to our Racing page this year. We’re not necessarily a punting/tipping forum – rather a loose collective of people who “get” the attraction of horse racing. History and controversy are part of the allure, as is taking a punt or having a sook. The goal, of course, is to win, but we must console ourselves with the reality that it is sometimes the “journey, not the destination” that matters. Honestly, you’re deluded if convinced that winning is a pinch – and the corporates will tip you upside down, lick your xxxxx and rattle the coins. But I, for one, still love the stories past and present and, mostly, the people. My resolution this year is to celebrate the positives as I reckon that the media and the knockers will counter-balance.

Anyone who logged in last week was treated to the Corowa tip from owner Andrew, whose horse Bel Dancer saluted. What a thrill!

I’m at Flemington on New Year’s Day, Money Valley on Saturday and down at Balnarring for the picnics on Sunday.

There are meetings everywhere. Hope you get to one in hearty health and leave in good spirits.

Happy New Year to you all.

Good luck!



  1. Yep, the journey is the thing. In life and on the punt. Especially on the punt.
    Doing the form…love doing the form.
    Heading off on Saturday afternoon so full of confidence.
    Bragger’s rights when you do your dough at better odds than everyone else.
    Needing a beer to change your luck (this always works).
    No it doesn’t. But is worth trying.
    Astutely selecting the first three horses in the right order, winning handsomely and shouting accordingly.
    Being around when a mate flukes selecting the first three horses in the right order and being shouted accordingly.
    Drawing a 100 to 1 shot in the Cup and seeing the other 100 to 1 shot win.
    Quoting Michelle Payne a lot.
    Collecting on the last.
    Enjoying the theatre of a race meeting.
    Sharing it all with friends.

    Cheers to the journey.

    Thanks Crio. Keep up the good work. Have a feeling 2016 is going to be good to us.

  2. Andrew Walker says

    Thanks Crio. It takes a week or so to come down from the thrill of winning and I’m pleased that Glen was there and had a win on her. She’ll go around again in about 3 weeks time at either Albury or Wangaratta. We called into the stables on Tuesday to find out that she had pulled up well. Her coat is gleaming and there is a faint showing of rib. She looks a million dollars. All the owners love her but the feeling is distinctly stronger after a win. Go Bel Dancer.

  3. Gerard,
    I seem to remember my old man (?) quipping that a pessimist is an optimist on his way out of the racecourse!

  4. Spot on Crio. I have to acknowledge my final faux pas for 2015 was not thanking Andrew for the Bel Dancer tip. Sorry Andrew. The tip, and the ride were greatly appreciated. She ran a cracking race, putting a nice margin between here and the rest of the field.

    Happy Punting in 2016,

    Freues Neuse Jahr,


  5. Crio, I think that was a Bill Collins quote.
    See you at the Valley tomorrow.

  6. cowshedend says

    Brilliant job again Crio, thanks so much. Will see you and Budge at Feehan’s farm today…can’t wait to fall into the Baron’s exotics!
    How well are EZ going?

  7. and D Lane

  8. I see Steel Trigger is back at the Valley. I missed it’s pre Xmas win; bugger ! It’s in all my multiples today !


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