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Unlike in other sports, there’s nothing particularly special about the start of a new Racing season probably because, unlike those other sports, there’s no real endpoint or break. Of course, one could argue for a collective pause but the Industry is terrified of losing “market share” (hahaha, it’s falling away irresistibly each year) and nonsensically says any stakeholder can take a break whenever they like! So racing drudges on 363 days a year, apparently thus providing income for jockeys, trainers, owners, blahblahblah. Maybe it is simplistic but I think there’s a strong case to end and resume, allowing regeneration and hopefully some sense of expectation and excitement. Maybe when southern metrops stop the pageant can move via Darwin before a resumption late August?

Granted, horses will still need to be in work and tended, but the relentless cycle of trackwork/raceday could have a rest. We’d be paying even more attention to the trials, currently ramping up in quality as the Spring stars step up a gear.

Instead we’re faced with a cold day at HQ for the Auries Star and probably a bog at Randwick for the G2 Missile, which doesn’t even rate a Quaddy leg! Bookies have posted Capitalist $1.50 in the 1200m feature but punters will sit on their hands for the time being as he’s not even certain of running if the conditions are unsuitable. That would leave Rebel Dane odds on and a very ordinary start to 16/17 Group racing…small fields and bad tracks are a staple for Sydney punters.

Down here it’ll be another cold day in the wind-tunnel/betting ring, especially for those withered livers returning from Fannie Bay. Form from this meeting is unlikely to have much relevance hereon, with the possible exception of some of the new 3yo in R2 and a couple of Internationals racing in the 5th. My form on the punt is dismal yet I’m already looking to take a stab at a roughie in MR6, alerted initially by a top hoop jumping on one for a low profile (and low performing) trainer. I’m going to bet early on Sunday Escape (16) and hope that the outside fence is at least equal to the rest of the track – very likely given that all previous races would have been run around the circle. $26 on Bet365 on a 148% market, so reckoning on a good price.

It’s only a fortnight until the Liston so don’t despair – as instructed, monitor the trials and you’ll see that we’re “turning the corner” (and you’ll spot plenty of winners). God knows we need the shot in the arm – otherwise we’re doomed to cobalt inquiries or Bryce Stanaway’s insights!

Good luck!


  1. Tom Riordan says

    Bryce was at his best yesterday! In post-race interview (after a win!) he gave the “clueless” VRC officials a group one spray for placing staying races at “goat tracks”. Maybe more people would tune in to Wednesdays at Sale if Bryce trained more winners.

  2. Is that how you fill in your days Tom? I said that racing’s in strife, but it’s gone if we’re relying on Bryce’s winners! He has more form than his horses and loves rattling cages. Very funny because he sprays widely and caustically. Sandwichgate was a beauty!

  3. Bryce is flying at the moment…..another winner today at the Bool.

  4. Did he tee off? Bryce rarely misses the chance!

  5. Don’t know didn’t see it. Hey he’s not leading the trainers premiership for the season is he??

  6. We pumped up Medittaeranean in Autumn for the big prizes but his two runs indicated he still had much to learn. Back this prep with a soft kill at Canterbury, tomorrow he steps (wades?) out at Randwick (if they race). Still tip him as a star of this season.SR6 No3

  7. Definitely need a break! Have struggled to get enthused the last couple of weeks.

    Will be on Risen from Doubt at double figure odds at Flemington. Jump out was good last Friday

  8. One way or another, Bryce or one of his runners continue to entertain (good read below)…….

  9. Crio,

    I just read where John Sargent has taken one to Flemington for the Auries Star, Smart Volatility. He is a great trainer in my view and (a) he doesn’t travel to Melbourne often and (b) there is a pretty good theory that horses trained the Sydney way of going go very well down the straight six at their first attempt. I’m on it. $6 looks the business.

  10. Yep, Bryce smacked RVL big time on the programming of staying races and the tracks they have to run on. “They might have all the credentials in the world but they’re not horsemen”
    Hey Bryce, if they were horsemen they probably wouldn’t be in an office job.

  11. Elvis, he’s won down the straight track at Sha Tin previously so not problems there. You’re betting on whether it gets the fast lane or not.

  12. Another tough slog tomorrow.
    Melbourne is hard but I think there is some value:
    Race 5 Gracious Prospect should sit in the first 3 in the run and improve on recent form
    Race 6 Rough Justice looks a long way down in class
    In Adelaide best roughie of the day is Mio Dio in the first, really good run last start when couldn’t get to the good going on the outside fence some doubt at 1600 but is improving and good odds.
    Race 6 Herenoa EW
    Race 7 good race and I reckon Conservatorium should be 10/1 but looks like being 3 times that, he is well in at WFA and better track suits> He should sit near the lead and depending on who turns up there may not be too much pace on in front there will be some scratchings I assume as a few are also entered at Flemington but worth a punt.

  13. Budge,

    Fast lane, slow lane, buses only. I don’t have the wherewithal to consider all that. Horse, and Trainer. Anything beyond that for me is MENSA.

  14. Don’t give me that crap Elvis. Your primary consideration is usually State/country of origin.

  15. Budge,

    No. I like horses with third letter “A” that have grey and yellow in their colours.

  16. Cut to the chase Elvis..
    will it win on Sunday?

  17. That rules out No Peer.

  18. Just looked at scratchings and thought Lord Durante would dictate the speed in race 4 now that Great Esteem is out and win t . Fourth letter in second word of the name is an “A” and has some yellow in the colours so it partially fits the Elvis system of the day.

  19. Leaders unbeatable in Sydney.
    Not winning here

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