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Greg Miles announced his retirement last week. Another good call from the veteran. After some shaky times in recent years, Miles has had an outstanding Carnival and leaves on his terms. Well regarded as a professional and as a person. Well done.


The search now begins for a replacement. This is a prestigious position. Those binoculars have hung around some hallowed necks. Pundits suggest that Adam O is the fav in the black shorts. Former NSW TVN ‘caster Mark Shean is the other in discussions. Sorry Croweaters – Hilton Donaldson and Ronnie “Perhaps” haven’t been mentioned in correspondence!


Meanwhile the national racing focus remains out West, though this Saturday’s Kingston Town Classic (R8, 1800m, WFA, $1m) isn’t a great G1 and the meeting lacks last weekend’s fizz…can’t Gary Moore work a crowd?!


Here in Victoria the metro meeting is at Pakenham – or, more geographically accurate, Koo Wee Rup. It sounds like a swamp. Sometimes if it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck…


The new tracks are highly regarded by jocks and hoops and despised by bookies – they reckon horses run absolutely “straight” on the artificial and it is impossible to win. The turf track gives all runners a chance but has enough variables to keep some satchel swingers interested.


I’m not headed there. With fine weather forecast the plan is maybe to get to a couple of races on Friday night at the Valley and then head down to the popular picnics at Balnarring on Saturday arvo – best burgers on any Vic track!


I’ll need a bank. Any suggestions?


Good luck!


  1. and the (almost forgotten) Interdoms continue at Gloucester Park tmrw (Friday) night. Final’s next week.

  2. Yes crio, Gary Moore’s performance in Perth was outstanding (albeit predictable) and was giving me flashbacks of Jacko (after he inadvertently hit the post) ….just a little disappointed the half hearted hand stand didn’t get a run from Gaz! Maybe he’s holding back on that for HK or even a special moment for the Queen at Royal Ascot. I’m tipping he still has something in the tank!
    Wouldn’t he leave old Joe Janiak in his wake if he got that far!

  3. Each to their own Higgo…loved Joe Janiak.
    Personally I reckon the horses should get back and hoops weigh in before any interviews or hoopla.

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