Almanac Poetry – The Rhymer: Predictions



The season is upon us and the hype will settle down
as soon as the first ball is in the air
The recruiters reputations will be put to the test
when the contest starts in earnest in the square


There’ll be rookies with potential and recruits from other clubs
all trying to earn their spot within the team
there’ll be bolters no-one’s heard of and disappointments too
and those who’ll never realise their dream.


And supporters will be screaming for they’ve waited six long months
to have footy back to liven up their lives
Can the Swannies make the finals and the Dockers make the eight ?
and which of the eighteen coaches will survive


And we all stick our necks out by making our prediction
of who will constitute the final eight.
Some teams are on the improve and some who’ve done their dash
and some on whom the bookies shut the gate


The Tigers are a monty and the Eagles should be there
and the Demons will disappoint us if they aint
But pity the supporters of the Gold Coast and the Blues and
This year will be sad if you’re a Saint.


Geelong and the Bombers might surprise by their improvement
and Hawthorn might just get in a sniff
And if there is no team from Adelaide there’ll be hell to pay
and Lion’s fans could count themselves as stiff


But half way through the season we will all recalibrate
as injuries and poor form play their tricks
Coz everyone’s an expert as we watch from week to week
and we will shamelessly all re-adjust our picks.


© The Rhymer 2019


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