Almanac Poetry: The Greatest




There were underdog quips and Swan Freudian slips,

omens and nerves in the members reserve

Navy blue fears and even-numbered years,

could Cat class beat the pin-point pass?



A pristine sky bathed a meat pie,

queues and fans meant a run on Carlton cans

Robbie could sing, thank cultural cringe

Stirred the passion in great fashion



Calm Cats emerged to show who’s boss, the Swans, on edge, won the toss

Tributes and gestures was the theme, this was true whatever the team

No bifffo or bash, nor even a jumper clash

Sydney appeared off the boil, Geelong hungrily scooped up spoils



We had pressure and pace and ecstatic embrace,

Tommy snaps and Smithy dash,

Close and Stengle from a tight angle,

a backline deboning from a mobile De Koning



But, it was the collective swarm, a veterans’ storm

A glorious scrap of creative taps,

solid bumps and judicious thumps,

as we shrugged the tackles and broke the shackles



Dare and share revealed a care

Just one complacent blooper, Isaac the party pooper

A minor sin, said Paddy’s wry grin

Isaac redeemed, Jez intervened



All prelude to a great ta-da; hail Joel’s long-bomb inverse ‘nana

Sellllwoood …was the emotional sing, a better man than us, Gunga Din.

We cheered and drank on the Ablett flank

This more divine than eighty-nine



Wild celebration, eleven years accumulation

Our motley crew had paid their due

Smith was Smith was the riff

Danger was a call for hunt of hard ball



The cup was raised, Chris Scott and all be praised

A leisurely lap amid happy snaps

It became one big family, and Auskickers in confetti

Priorities change along with age



Some say the match was dull, a child only mothers lull

It was beautiful to Catters, and that’s what matters

A perfect time to be feline

Don’t dis us with your jive, we only used a couple of lives



The drinking is done, the song has been sung,

the texts replied, and sleep denied

The parties attended and parades applauded,

news consumed, and replays viewed.



Then it was reported, and half expected

A champion retired, unanimously admired

He did it right all the way, better than Gaz the Elder I never thought I’d say

Sel’s the greatest Cat, and that’s that.




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