Almanac Photography: The park at Angaston


Theo Harms is in Year 9 at Faith Lutheran College in Tanunda. He recently completed a photography unit. He chose to go to the Angaston Railway Station Park in the late afternoon to put into practice some of the things he’s been learning.


























































  1. Colin Ritchie says

    Great pics Theo! Phone or camera?

  2. Yvette Wroby says

    Terrific photos Theo. Keep at it. You have a great eye.

  3. I really like these photos Theo. I agree with Yvette.

  4. Great job Theo and I especially like how you capture the light around the old train station (which must be ripe for conversion to a café, regulations permitting).

    Looking at the photos of the old Angaston station made me wonder how terrific it’d be if the old Barossa line still ran to Adelaide. It hasn’t operated for decades and as the population of the area moves towards 30,000 it would’ve boosted tourism and benefitted locals too.

    At Almanac lunches in the NFA (it all comes back to this) I’m always a little envious of those like Luke and Col who train into Melbourne for the day. South Australia has no regional passenger network.

  5. Nice pics, Theo!!

  6. Terrific photos Theo. The coconut palms remind me a lot of Seppeltsfield near Tanunda. I don’t remember them being planted elsewhere in the Barossa. Are they widespread?

  7. Love the pics from a town I spent my first 17 years before heading off to the big smoke. It makes me want to return and visit my old town again.

  8. Jane Greenwood says

    Congratulations, Theo. A terrific series of photos. All the best for your assignment.

  9. Good pics Theo, if you have spare time to play around on your computer, I would highly recommend downloading Adobe Suite/Creative Cloud and install Lightroom.

    I know that the subscription cost is expensive, but you can sign up for a 30 day trial for free (if you remember or John, to cancel the subscription in time before 30 days).

    Lightroom is like Instagram but on steroids, with heaps of editing options to choose from and all sorts of filters. You can also make your own custom filters and copy Youtuber’s filter presets where they have tutorial videos on whatever you may fancy.

    I use Lightroom all the time for my soccer photography and it is the most exciting part of the job, you most likely would love photography even more once you try Lightroom out

  10. roger lowrey says

    And Geelong too Mickey.


  11. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    If a picture paints a thousand words Theo, that’s some essay you’ve put together for us.

  12. Theo Harms says

    I’m glad that you all like my photos. Thanks for your encouragement and questions.
    First up, I used an iPhone 6s camera to take the photos.
    I agree that South Australia needs a better regional public transport system, it would be so helpful if we didn’t have to drive an hour each way every time we needed something from Adelaide.
    The Barossa does have a fair few palm trees but they aren’t the main thing here
    Also my school gives us adobe suite so i will be sure to try it out!!
    again thanks everyone :)

  13. Ali Halupka says

    John … photo #13 (shed) … that be one of ours … Grant Sheds. :)

  14. These are great pix, Theo. You have a great eye with the light. Glad you’re all thriving in SA. We miss you all!

  15. Hi Ali, classic! Great to hear from you.

    I should mention to everyone that Ali is a Force of Nature from Monash, and has provided a fair chunk of the energy around the town’s centenary celebrations. She’s from the fascinating Telfer family – resourceful, independent, bush engineering types – who make sheds. And the famous Monash Playground.

    More about Monash (a soldier settlement area in the Riverland) both on the Almanac, and via the community’s own publications, soon.

  16. Wow Theo!!! These pics are just great!
    Great to have at least one artist in the family Darkie!!!!
    ?? The photos — taken from amazing perspectives!!!

  17. Julie Seidel says

    Great images Theo
    Really enjoying the circular compositions and rule of thirds
    Choices. Lucky to have access to the history of the area!

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