Almanac Paralympics: We’re the Superhumans

UK Channel 4 has the TV coverage rights for Rio Paralympics.


On this week’s Gruen Transfer the panel described this ad as one of the best ads that advertising has created.
“It is advertising that changes people’s perceptions…” – Russel Howcroft


The singer is an Aussie, who was apparently discovered on YouTube.


It runs for nearly 3mins. A beauty for sharing widely.

In classrooms, at home, at work.

Well done those people.


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  1. Earl O'Neill says

    Great ad, great drummer. That wheelchair jump is one of the ballsiest things I’ve ever seen.

  2. So uplifting.
    Some teacher mates tell me of tears in the room when watching this.

  3. That’s a ripper David. A three minute promo! Channel 7 would fit three crappy, nationalistic stories into that time.

    It reminded me of how great Channel 4 is. A channel we could use in Australia. I especially remember its evening news service, hosted by Jon Snow (no, not that one, or even the other one, the cricketer). It runs for an hour, and doesn’t even have a sports segment! Brilliant.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Absolute, gem ER. Gave me shivers of hope. Singer gives Sinatra a run for his money, too.

  5. It’s a beauty. In fact i concluded my presentation at a conference last week by showing this ad.

    While on my soapbox don’t forget that the most important moment in the ad is not the wonderful and amazing talents on display but the scene where the school teacher says No, you can’t. That’s the reality. That’s what we want to improve. It’s all good and well Russel Howcroft saying it changes perceptions and Gruen showing the ad, what we really need is for Gruen and Russell and the rest of us to start employing people with disability.

    Lateline ran two stories on disability just last night. One featured the new AHRC Disability Discrimination Commissioner Alistair McEwin talking about discrimination. Watch that. And rise to action!

  6. I mentioned this to David on Twitter but kept forgetting to post here. This is the Channel 4 promo from 2012 in which we ‘Meet the Superhumans’

    The 2016 version advances the story in that we see some of the same Team GB athletes again.

    Both great efforts but 2012 is my favourite as it was the first, dramatic impact, great choice of music.

    This one is also good for schools and presentations.

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