Almanac Ocean Swimming: What an effort!

As one who spends most mornings lap swimming at my local pool training for my summer ocean swims, I’m more than well aware of the monotony involved in continuous swimming, so I cannot help but be amazed, and admire the incredible effort and achievement made by Ross Edgley in completing his incredible swim around Great Britain.

My training, usually 2 to 3kms each morning, is undertaken to hopefully provide me with the fitness, stamina and the competence to participate in my individual ocean swims, each averaging 1.2kms, and taking me about 20 minutes each to finish. I  cannot imagine the  training programs, both physically and mentally, Edgley had to involve himself in  just to prepare himself for his mind-blowing feat.

I know how I feel during these swims, and know my feelings at the finish as I have recounted  previously in the FA.

My efforts seem so insignificant when compared to Ross Edgley’s.

I take my hat off to you Ross!


Read The Guardian’s report of this magnificent achievement here.

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  1. Phenomenal!


    We have a parent (Hi Sarah) at Merri Creek PS preparing to Swim the Channel this coming July. Hopefully we can bring you more on that.

  2. Extraordinary.

  3. White men can’t jump. Black men can’t swim. I’m sort of milk chocolate incompetent.
    Currently training to complete a freestyle lap (one way) of an Olympic Pool.
    Col – I dips me lid.
    Ross – get a life.

  4. Outrageously epic!

  5. Edgley once casually swam 40km with a log tied to his leg.
    I liked that he came prepared with a set of wetsuits diminishing in size because he knew how much muscle he’d lose. Sort of the opposite to Henry VIII

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