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Gerry Humphrys was undoubtably one of the most charismatic pop performers in Australia during the 1960s. Leading ‘The Loved Ones’, the band wrote and recorded some of the classic all-time Australian pop songs, including; ‘The Loved One’, ‘Everlovin’ Man’, and ‘Sad Dark Eyes’. Although they only recorded one album, ‘Magic Box’,  during their 3 year career, it has remained in print ever since its release in 1967.




Gerry moved to Australia from Britain in 1957 and soon became deeply involved in the Melbourne jazz scene as clarinetist and vocalist for the very popular trad jazz outfit, the ‘Red Onions Jazz Band’. When Humphrys realised the demise of jazz was around the corner due to the increasing popularity of rock & roll he left the Onions to form ‘The Loved Ones’ and the rest is history.


In 1972 Humphrys returned to his homeland and virtually disappeared from sight and little was heard of him until his death was announced in 2005.

Filmmaker Nigel Buesst tracked Gerry down in 1987 to find out what had happened to him since his departure from Australia and to produce a documentary of his musical life and times. The film premiered at the Melbourne Film Festival in 2000.


Check out the documentary HERE.



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  1. Totally agree Col that Gerry Humphry still remains under-appreciated in this country.

    I recall one of the Farriss brothers talking about the recording of the album “KIck”. They needed one more song, and re-recorded ‘The Loved One’ (a song they loved), which had previously appeared on an earlier album. Not long after the album’s release and subsequent smashing worldwide performance, INXS bumped into Humphrys in a Melbourne nightclub. he couldn’t stop hugging them and saying “Thank you, thank you” for including the song on such a massive album and guaranteeing him royalties.

    I really want to see that doco.

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