Almanac Music – Stereo Stories: “You Will Surely Love Again” by Chris Wilson

Some words about the passing of a great musician. RIP Chris Wilson.

Over at Stereo Stories.


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  1. Yes, sad news John. I heard about Chris’s illness in July last year, just prior to the Echuca Winter Blues. Chris had performed there fairly regularly. I remember the program being available on line but no mention of Chris performing: that was why.

    My first memory of Chris was hearing him on 3CR late 1988. Was it “Gnawing on the bones of Elvis?” I purchased the LP, then saw him playing with the Crown Of Thorns on a Saturday at the Middle Park Hotel back in February 1989. This was part of 30 years of enjoying his music, performances.

    Thanks Chris for the great music and memories. Deepest condolences to Sarah, and other loved ones.


  2. John Butler says

    Cheers Glen.

    I agree. Whatever we feel is nothing compared to what his family and friends have gone through,

    All the best to them.

  3. Oh dear.
    I didn’t realise.

    Thanks JB for your perspective and for your story.
    Chris Wilson; such a magnificent musician.
    In recent times I was always thrilled to find Chris Wilson on the bill at the Lomond Hotel. He played there last year sometimes with Alison Ferrier – together they called themselves The Black Sheep. In an unremarkable corner bar on a Thursday night, in front of, say, 14 people, C Wilson nailed the music and he nailed the experience. He nailed the performance. Those harmonica blasts so characteristic and evocative. And between songs he related as one of us. Not much to say. Which was fine. But enough.

    I like what you say: “if they touched us in some way they never really die.”
    All the best to friends and family of Chris.

  4. John Butler says

    E Reg, Chris obviously just loved to play music. And he loved playing with musos. A man who got to do what he loved is a success in my book.

    You take care in the Red Centre. If you bump into Burke and Wills while you’re out there, tell ’em to ask the locals with the boomerangs what to do and they’ll get out fine.


  5. Patrick O'Brien says


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