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It is now almost two years ago to the day that Mrs Smokie, my son Luke, and I, were blown away by a support act for Midnight Oil at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl. A Melbourne band who were musically tight, with a bunch of original songs that had a familiarity to them. I had previously heard this band on 3PBS a number of times without really paying attention. But it was on this night that I fell for the Teskey Brothers. Their excellent debut album Half Mile Harvest was on high rotation in our household over the following summer. It was notable for being a rare musical selection on which Mrs Smokie and I could agree.


So it was with a sense of anticipation that I awaited the release of Run Home Slow a couple of months ago. Happily, I can report that this album does not in any way suffer the dreaded second album hangover and, like its predecessor, it has since been on high rotation. It immediately had me considering: how old must an album be before it is a “classic”?


From the opening track, the groovy Let Me Let You Down, the album is showcase for the band’s musical chops, with smooth and subtle arrangements. The horns and backing vocals exist to tease out the songs, not to overwhelm them. This is evident in the soulful Carry You, which is just beautiful – as are tracks such as Paint My Heart, San Fransisco, and That Bird. There are seamless changes of pace, from the almost jaunty Hold Me, through the bouncy So Caught Up, to the rag-time style Sunshine Baby. There is a beauty in the simplicity of it all.


With all due respect to the talented musicians in the band, the star of the show is lead singer Josh Teskey. As soulful a vocalist as this country has produced, to say that he has a one-in-a-million voice would be to infer that there are 23 other people in Australia with the ability to sing like him. Which is most unlikely. When he launches into Rain (“Is that rain / Are are you crying again”), it is possible to envisage the ghosts of Marvin Gaye and Otis Redding nodding approvingly. Just listen to the passion he provides on Paint My Heart. Talk about a wow factor. The tenderness and ache in that voice highlights a special, unique talent.


This collection of uncomplicated, husky, bluesy tunes will prove timeless. I just know I will still be playing this album in decades to come. It will also be interesting to witness the Teskey Brothers’ journey to stardom. For to follow them on Instagram, playing sold out shows across the world, is to witness a young band amazed at the success they are experiencing. One cannot help but feeling that the 7 ARIA award nominations this album has received is only the beginning of something very special.


I urge you to jump on board for the ride.



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  1. Luke Reynolds says

    Great call Smokie.
    This album is absolutely already a classic, and easily in my top 2 or 3 for the year so far.
    I too saw them supporting the Oils, fantastic live act who I’d like to see again. Totally agree with your description of Josh Teskey’s voice.

  2. Daryl Schramm says

    Mmm. Didn’t know much about them. Liked what I heard on the net. Currently touring. 2 Gov concerts in Adelaide Fri and Sun 8/11 & 10/11 are sold out! Thanks for posting

  3. Thanks Smokie. I note they’re playing Glenelg early January alongside Paul Kelly and Cold Chisel. I think this alone is a fair metric.

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