Almanac Lunches: Canberra, Lenny Hayes, Britt Tully, QTRBCK, the National Press Club and Manuka Oval





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QTRBCK is a new sponsor of the Footy Almanac and what better way to introduce them, and to let you know the sort of people they are, and the sort of business they run, than to tell you they’re putting on a lunch for the Almanac in Canberra on 3 April, in the lead up to that night’s GWS v Western Bulldogs game.


The two directors of QTRBCK are Tim Robb and Jeremy Hall. We know Tim because he comes to the Almanac Grand Final Eve Lunch every year, with his partner Caitlin. They’re part of that rowdy Canberra table that descends on the Royal Melbourne Hotel. They were very chirpy last September with GWS (which has a solid supporter base in the national capital) actually in it.


Tim and Jeremy are passionate about sport and especially Australian footy having been involved in various roles as players, president, coach and umpire. Add Caitlin to the mix – she’s just completed a five-year stint as ANU footy club president – and you’ve got a posse who really understand and appreciate the place of sport in the community and the relationships which develop from it.


They’re the sort of relationships Tim and Jeremy build with people in their business lives.


You can read more about QTRBCK here.


Caitlin and Tim have been instrumental in organising this 3 April Canberra Almanac Lunch. They’ve convinced Maurice Reilly that this will be the best event at the National Press Club this year.  And Lenny Hayes and Britt Tully (among others ) have accepted their invitation to speak. Two perfect guests.


This already has the feel of a real Almanac event.


Book directly through the National Press Club:   HERE




We’ll be auctioning (or raffling?) a framed print of Yvette Wroby’s ‘Lenny Hayes’:



Artwork: Yvette Wroby.






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  1. Colin Ritchie says

    Should be a beauty! Planning to get to Canberra at some stage to see the Picasso/Matisse exhibition at NGA, so might be able fit both in if the dates work out.

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