Almanac Lunch trifecta and other futilities

G’day Sportsfans

Fantastic lunch at the All Nations Hotel yesterday (thanks to Chris the Chef who never misses a beat – and did a between course taste of rogan josh for each table yesterday).

Thanks to Greg Carpenter who carried on the tradition of going through the form as only he can.

Thanks to Robbie Griffiths, trainer of the Almanac horse, who is a natural story-teller and I hope we see a lot more of him at our lunches.

The raffle was won by Hawky.

The debate over the trifecta lasted quite a long time,  but not as long as other years.

We decided on a trifecta 7 x 6 x Field.

And, using my inner-Sukarno I decided we should have a boxed trifecta with the 7 runners.

They are:

2. Sea Moon

6. Fiorente

8. Dandino

10. Fawkner

12. Seville

19. Simenon

22. Dear Demi

Let us know what you have tipped.

Good punting. (Leave your tip at Crio’s post)


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  1. A camel is a horse (or 7) designed by a committee.

  2. Listened to Gerard call the Cup on 774 as we ambled home from a weekend camping in the Grampians. Bush camping. BYO water, pit toilets, creek alongside.
    I’d my token $4 on Mount Athos. The Irish connection and having Craig Williams aboard provided my imperfect rationale.
    The old school newsagent at Beaufort was on for a pre-Cup chat.
    “Who do you like today?” turned out to be a naive question on my part.
    He ran through the chances of all 24 horses (“and I used to train horses; so I should know.”) Excellent service.
    For the record – he dismissed Fiorente because “Gai is from Sydney; she doesn’t train well for the Melbourne courses.”

  3. Skip of Skipton says

    I buy tattslotto there. His name is Jim. Be warned.

  4. Ahh. Terrific to make that link through this online world.
    It really was a brilliant chat with your Jim.
    He was about to talk to his on-course bookie before deciding on his punt.
    Really wonderful service. A trip highlight.

    And, Skip, I consider myself warned.
    I’m not really sure for what. But I’ll take it as a timely reminder that we’re all very close to each other in sharing this world.

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