Almanac Local (Junior) Footy: Debuting for South Colac (Part 2)


Joshua Reynolds before his debut for South Colac at Apollo Bay


A few weeks back I wrote about my thirteen year old son Gavin making his debut for the South Colac Under 14.5 football team HERE. He’s played some decent games since, and has three goals for the season. The team is winless but improving every week. We played a couple short in the first two games. A few more were needed.


Ten year old Josh finally accepted coach Adam’s offer to train with the team prior to Round 3. He absolutely loved it. Not well known around the team, I could hear him being referred to as “Little Gav” in the training drills. There was an offer to play if he wanted, but no pressure to. We talked about it at home that night. Josh was keen as to play. Though being only 10 and some 25 kilos lighter than his brother, we did have some reservations. But, if a kid wants to play I believe they should play if there’s a spot. He was added to the squad.


While Gavin loves playing and attending sport, he’s not a big watcher of it on TV. Josh would watch footy 24 hours a day if he could. He can also be regularly found outside still kicking a footy well after the sun has set. It was Josh who sat with me at that fateful 2018 AFL Grand Final, riding the highs and the ultimate low at the conclusion, stuck in our seats, heads bowed, for what felt like an eternity. He lives and breathes the game and if any kid was mentally ready to play it was Josh.


It was in Apollo Bay that Josh made his debut, wearing number 19. The South Colac hierarchy made sure to welcome and congratulate him before the game. I’m busy pre-game in my new role as team manager but take time to watch Josh in his preparation. A fortnight earlier coach Adam had approached me before training, put his hand on my shoulder and asked if I’d fill the team manager role. Adam McNamara is a great coach and a wonderful frontman for the club’s junior program. His enthusiasm is contagious. Mrs R was nearby and reckons I’d said yes before he’d finished the sentence. She’s probably right.


As he did for Gavin, Uncle Dean got one of my grandfather Kelvin’s watches mounted with an inscription marking Josh’s first game for South Colac. Such a wonderful gesture. So wonderful my boys are continuing the Reynolds name at the club Kelvin loved. I can’t confirm how many more watches KJ Reynolds possibly had.




Josh gets an early kick at half forward. It’s later in the first quarter that he grabs a ball from the front of the pack, turns and snaps at goal. It looked from our position on the bench to be going through the middle. The curve on the ball, and maybe the winds blowing off Bass Strait at Apollo Bay, saw it hit the post on the way through. Sport can sometimes come down to millimetres.


Josh has solid first and third quarters, largely unsighted in the second and fourth. But he looks like he belongs out there. Gavin gets the only goal for the team in the last term, a couple of bounces and through from 30 out. Despite the scoreline, we feel the team has played well, and more importantly given their all.


We stay for the whole day. Coach Adam tears them apart in the twos. The seniors could not be more impressive in wet, windy conditions and have a big win. A few Coopers Pale Ales with the South Colac crew watching the seniors. A few Chainsaw’s from the Great Ocean Road Brewhouse on the trip home.


Josh’s second game is against Simpson at South Colac. There’s some big boys in the Simpson line up, though this time they are the team that is short. We have 19, so one of our players joins their 15 while we have two on the bench to make it 16 a side. Josh plays a decent first half.


Simpson were bitter rivals of my former, now defunct club South Purrumbete in a different league. Pomborneit have had a long term rivalry with Simpson in cricket. So it was with dread that I watched Josh put on a Simpson Tigers guernsey for the third quarter. They put him up forward. I desperately did not want his first goal to be for them.


He got a couple of possessions for them but was largely ignored.


He’s back in South colours and back in the forward half for the last quarter. Josh has taken a couple of marks and you can see his confidence increasing. The ball gets kicked to the top of the goal square, gets knocked over the pack into the hands of Josh who cleanly picks up the ball and slots it through from five metres out. The second and final goal of the day for the team.


Again, we stay the day. I can’t remember the last time I didn’t watch Collingwood live either at the game or on TV. South Colac seniors v Simpson had more appeal to me than Collingwood v Gold Coast on TV. This ended up being the right call. Another great win to South Colac, they are flying in the seniors. Coach Adam got a call up for senior game 298. He was good.


Later that night we attended our first club function. From senior footballers and netballers to long time club supporters and former players, we were made very welcome. A fun night with great people. We love it there and have been so proud to see Josh get opportunity to play alongside his brother at the club my grandfather put so much into. Go South.




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About Luke Reynolds

Cricket and Collingwood tragic. Twitter: @crackers134


  1. Kevin Densley says

    Good piece about the importance of family, sport and place, Luke. Nicely done!

  2. With your family’s increasing involvement my money’s on your comeback by July (when the cold claims a few old hammies and a stout in the bar during the Reserves appeals to not a few veterans). I look forward to that report Luke!

    Well done Josh. You’re on your way.

  3. A couple of wonderful pieces Luke. Hope the lads keep enjoying themselves in what sounds like a really good environment.

  4. Daryl Schramm says

    Great environments in great clubs is gold for all Luke. I too will be following your boys’ development with interest via these articles.

  5. Luke Reynolds says

    Thanks Kevin!

    Haha Mickey, pleased to report the senior numbers at South Colac are very strong, I doubt I’m on their radar to fill in for the 2’s. But never say never!

    Cheers Greg & Daryl, very happy with the environment at South Colac for the boys.

  6. Great story Luke, didn’t think Josh would wait too long or yourself finding a job. Great work

  7. Colleen Reynolds says

    We are enjoying this journey Luke. It’s making us happy to know that Kelvin is being acknowledged and the boys are aware of the family history. To watch the boys live is an absolute joy! South Colac has a huge asset having your family involved. I know that you will all give everything you have to the club.

  8. Luke Reynolds says

    Rodney, yep it didn’t take us long did it! Glad that Josh has fitted in so well.

    Thanks Colleen, great to have your support at some games so far, it’s much appreciated!

  9. All sounds exciting Luke. Hope the boys continue doing what they love, as their father does! All the best.

  10. Great stuff, Josh. Great stuff, Reynolds family.

    For years now, I found local footy to be more enjoyable than the AFL. I reckon I can sense you are starting to feel that way. It also sure makes a difference when you are invested.

    I have purchased an Apollo Bay social membership but sadly, was not in town when Sth Colac visited. Would have loved to have had a post-match Coopers with you.

    Team manager, eh?! That didn’t take long! Tell them you are too busy to join the committee when they come asking!

  11. Luke Reynolds says

    Jan, thank you, so pleasing to see the boys enjoying their footy.

    Smokie- you are spot on, has taken direct involvement to be invested but loving our local footy involvement.

  12. Rulebook says

    Great stuff Luke,love how the Reynolds family go full bore re there involvement my money is on Mrs R
    Captain-Coach ladies side ?

  13. Luke Reynolds says

    Cheers Rulebook, as far as I know there’s no plans for a South Colac women’s team, pretty sure Mrs R is happy to stick to cricket for now!

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