Almanac (Local) Cricket: Pomborneit v Williamstown, Easter 1946

Whilst we are always looking ahead to what we can achieve and how we can grow our club, recognising those who have come before you and honouring the rich history of the Pomborneit CC is also very important to those of us charged with leaving the club in a better position for whoever takes over next.


A meticulous statistical history of the Pomborneit CC has been kept since 1969. According to folklore, the pre 1969 records were likely destroyed in a fire. The late, great club legend Ken O’Neill wrote a much loved club history in 1986, titled “Hundreds and Hat-Tricks: The History of Pomborneit Cricket Club”. I’ve pored over this book since I was a kid, inspired by the tales of great players and teams. But it’s time the players who played before 1969 had their stats acknowledged as much as possible. Thanks to the archives of Trove, The Camperdown Chronicle, The Colac Herald, The Cobden Times and other now defunct local newspapers, we started the task of compiling all the scorecards from the club’s history in the winter of 2019. It’s a huge job, massively time consuming, often distracting in that so many other very interesting articles and stories can take your attention. There’s a long way to go. We are unlikely to recover each and every one. But totally worth the journey.


“Hundreds And Hat-Tricks”, published in 1986


One such story that stood out in our research was discovering a visit from the Williamstown Cricket Club over the Easter weekend of 1946. There was no mention of these games in “Hundreds And Hat-Tricks”, nor any anecdotal or oral history of these events. Veterans of our club weren’t aware of these matches. Yet one of the great clubs of Melbourne, a member of the Victorian Sub District Cricket Association and self proclaimed 3rd oldest cricket club in Australia paid a visit to the Pomborneit Recreation Reserve not long after World War II.


A party of 35 Williamstown players and members made the trip by train and car. The First and Second XI’s of the Williamstown CC played two matches each against Pomborneit and Camperdown. Williamstown’s 2nd XI won both matches against Pomborneit and Camperdown. Williamstown’s First XI beat Camperdown but lost to Pomborneit. Much goodwill and a desire to repeat these games was reported in both the Camperdown Chronicle and the Williamstown Chronicle. Sadly there was no future games, despite the Pomborneit president of the time, Mr Garnet Lucas, being quoted as hoping the matches would become an annual event.


On Easter Saturday, 1946, a full strength Pomborneit team played the Williamstown Second XI at Pomborneit. The top Pomborneit XI had played in the Corangamite CA from 1919/20 until 1937/38, with a second XI Pomborneit team joining the Stoneyford CA upon it’s commencement in 1929/30. From 1938/39 onwards, Pomborneit withdrew from the Corangamite CA, entering two teams in the more dairy farmer friendly Stoneyford CA. Pomborneit Red representing the eastern end of the Pomborneit district, Pomborneit Blue the western end. The Williamstown games marked the first time a full strength, totally representative Pomborneit team had taken the field in 8 years, albeit with a hiatus for World War II.


Pomborneit v Williamstown 2nd XI 20/4/1946


Pomborneit 108


R.Harlock b Egerton 0
A.Ibbs st Inglis b Cooper 14
G.Boyd b Egerton 13
L.Harlock not out 42*
R.Lucas b Cooper 0
F.Boyd b Ogden 2
J.Hosking c&b Ogden 1
J.Boyd c sub b Dalton 6
D.Patterson c Inglis b Dalton 6
N.Boyd b Egerton 5
Dudley Boyd b Egerton 1
Doug Boyd lbw George 10
sundries 8


Bowling: Egerton 4/24, May 0/10, Roberts 0/13, Cooper 2/15, Ogden 2/6, Dalton 2/18, Inglis 0/10, George 1/7


Williamstown Second XI 144


Chambers b G.Boyd 12
Jensen c G.Boyd b L.Harlock 0
Inglis b N.Boyd 43
Dalton b G.Boyd 15
Trickery lbw b F.Boyd 3
George b F.Boyd 6
Ogden c L.Harlock b Ibbs 39
Egerton b Patterson 13
Inglis not out 8*
Cooper b R.Harlock 0
Roberts b R.Harlock 0
May run out 0
sundries 5


Bowling: G.Boyd 2/48, L.Harlock 1/14, J.Boyd 0/20, F.Boyd 2/22, N.Boyd 1/15, Ibbs 1/7, Patterson 1/12, R.Harlock 2/2, D.Boyd 0/1


Pomborneit 5/79 (Second Innings)


R.Lucas c Chambers b Jensen 3
N.Boyd retired 23
D.Patterson c May b Jensen 9
F.Boyd st Trickery b Inglis 10
Doug Boyd b Inglis 0
G.Boyd not out 27*
R.Harlock not out 3*
sundries 3




The Williamstown Firsts defeated Camperdown on the same day. Of course the social side of the trip was not neglected, a dance was held in the Oddfellows Hall in Camperdown that night, while a trip by bus to Port Campbell and Loch Ard Gorge was undertaken by the Williamstown players on Easter Sunday. Williamstown CC players and officials were billeted out by Mr Bill McDowell (Camperdown CC captain) and Mr & Mrs Southey (former Williamstown residents).


Pomborneit v Williamstown First XI 22/4/1946


Pomborneit 102


A.Ibbs lbw b Ogden 9
R.Harlock b Bathie 0
G.Boyd b Ogden 20
L.Harlock st Dalton 20
F.Boyd c Salter b Ogden 1
R.Lucas b Rae 3
D.Patterson b Rae 5
N.Boyd b Rae 3
J.Boyd not out 21*
D.Lucas c Ogden b Rae 1
sundries 10


Bowling: Bathie 1/11, Egerton 1/6, Ogden 3/14, Rae 5/20, Dalton 2/15


Williamstown First XI 65


Self c Ibbs b G.Boyd 2
Salter b G.Boyd 14
Egerton b L.Harlock 4
Andrews lbw G.Boyd 3
Dalton c Ibbs b L.Harlock 5
Barnes c Ibbs b L.Harlock 9
Bathie b L.Harlock 15
Ogden b L.Harlock 0
Rae b L.Harlock 10
Dingley not out 2
Cooper b L.Harlock 0
sundries 1


Bowling: L.Harlock 7/32, G.Boyd 3/32


High praise for the Pomborneit curators from the Williamstown Chronicle, 3/5/1946


Fantastic performances by the great Pomborneit all-rounders Les Harlock & Geoff Boyd in the win. Harlock’s career stretched from 1920 to 1952, was a multiple premiership captain, long serving president and was awarded life membership of the club. His 1931/32 season, where he took 64 wickets at an average of 7.00 and while not his best season with the bat, did manage a score of 106 against Colac ‘A’, are a good example of his capabilities.


The great L.C. Harlock


Geoff Boyd is well remembered for his bowling feats in 1939, where he took 4 hat-tricks in 7 matches, earning praise from The Don.



Yet Boyd was a consistent run maker over many years, often making big scores in finals in addition to his bowling feats, right up until his retirement in 1967. Also a premiership captain, Geoff was awarded life membership of the club in 1990.


Geoff Boyd circa 1940


This Pomborneit team formed the basis of the group that would go on and win the next 6 flags in a row in the Stoneyford CA (Carpendeit won the 1945/46 premiership, the first after the World War II recess). Les Harlock was captain in 1946/47, Geoff Boyd in 1947/48 and Norm Boyd skipper for the next 4 premierships, Norm still holds the record for the captaining the most premierships at Pomborneit. Sadly, none of the players are still alive, and more than likely the same can said of the Williamstown players. When contacted, the Williamstown CC had no knowledge of these games or anyone with any information about them.


Have found no other games of this sort at Pomborneit in the years that follow, football pre-season getting earlier probably put paid to these sort of trips. But wonderful to learn of a club the stature of Williamstown visiting Pomborneit in the past, maybe post-coronavirus we can meet again!


The Pomborneit CC is actively seeking any old information, photos and memories on our club or the Pomborneit District in general that isn’t already available on Trove or newspaper archives from the period 1883-1969. If you have anything to contribute, please contact the club via email at [email protected] or Luke Reynolds on 0428560402.


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Cricket and Collingwood tragic. Twitter: @crackers134


  1. This is excellent stuff, Crackers. I am an avid reader of cricket history.
    We have spoken about this before I’m sure. I first saw snippets of the matches on the local Williamstown FB page, but no-one seemed to know anything about it.

  2. Remarkable how many clubs’ old scorebooks end up being ‘destroyed by fire’. All I can say is I’m glad I stopped before the MyCricket era!

    I think the Bulls’ history will be in safe hands with you Crackers.

  3. Luke Reynolds says

    Cheers Smokie, given that it was 74 years ago and neither club had any information, I’m unlikely to find much more on these games. Lucky to find what was very well reported in the papers. Does the Williamstown Chronicle still exist?

    Jeff, it amazing what has and hasn’t been preserved in our club’s history (I’m sure it’s the same a many, many clubs), for example we have team photos from prior to 1910 as well as during the 1920’s and 1930’s, yet no photos from our 1926/27 and 1934/35 premierships. The search will continue.

  4. Luke

    The Barnes in Willi’s first XI may well have been Jack Barnes. He would have been 41yo if it was him but i know he played cricket for a long time. I know his son, Ken, and he has scrapbooks of his father’s sporting achievements so i can ask him if you would like.

    The Rae in Willi’s first XI well have been Keith Rae, who was also a footballer and cricketer from Williamstown. It appears he may still be alive but over 100yo. You may be able to get contact details for him or family from Tony De Bolfo at Carlton FC 0411 649 766 or 9480 1308 or [email protected]

    The Ogden in Willi’s first XI was most likely Gordon Ogden who played in Willi CC’s 1946/47 premiership side, coached the Seagulls VFA team and ran a pub in the town, the now-demolished Oriental.

  5. I remember thinking the same Luke when I researched the 100 year history of the Melbourne & Olympic Parks site. It really comes down to the willingness of those who ran the show at the time and how well things were collated and passed down the generations. Also, clubs/associations that had been quite transient tended to lose the most.

  6. Luke Reynolds says

    Gerry, thank you, some fantastic information there about some obviously talented players.

    Jeff, our club has largely done a great job in collecting and collating our history, enjoying trying to fill in the gaps from earlier times when it wasn’t done so well.

  7. Rulebook says

    Luke outstanding hey bit of pressure to lift you’re game to match,Geoff Boyd seriously as some one who knows how much work goes in to compiling a article like this.Enormous frustrations with administrators who don’t realize how vital it is to store club history every club has had and will continue to have them
    Every cricket club in Australia would love to have,Luke Reynolds the bulls are extremely lucky

  8. Luke Reynolds says

    Rulebook, overall the Pomborneit CC has done a wonderful job at preserving it’s history and we have a wonderful archive of photos and stories, that get brought out at reunions etc. Where we are lacking is a full statistical and honour board history, something we are making great progress with. Finding stories like this make the time spent even more worthwhile.

    Geoff Boyd ended up with 6 career hat-tricks, long way to go to match that!

  9. Geoff van Wyngaarden says

    Great information…. I am a Life Member of the Williamstown Cricket Club so most of those names are familiar to me… Williamstown won their first ever VSDCA 1st XI premiership the following season in 1946-47… , with some of those names in the team…. The VSDCA started in 1908, but the club started in 1852. Only beaten in age by 2 current clubs Melbourne 1838 and Brighton 1842……. In the 1940’s and 1950’s end of season football trips by VFA club Williamstown went to places like Broken Hill and Launceston with programs surviving, and they always played a footy game against a local team…. unlike the alcohol fueled binges these days…..!!!!

  10. Gillian Coote says

    Luke this is terrific. Great research and so well written. Well done.

  11. Brian Boyd says

    Great reading Luke, good story re Williamstown CC; I have a lot of memories of playing there in country week matches, the wind off the sea, seagulls poo on the seats, the wonderful fruit lunches and hospitality, and usually a bowlers wicket, regards, Brian Boyd

  12. DBalassone says

    Great piece of writing and research Luke. Fascinating. Geoff Boyd must have been a sold to behold in full flight.

  13. Luke Reynolds says

    Thanks Geoff, fantastic to see both clubs go on and win flags the next season. A history dating back as far as Williamstown’s is something to be treasured, you’ve obviously made a significant contribution towards that yourself earning life membership.

    Thanks Gill!

    Thanks Brian, no doubt you would have swung the ball prodigiously at Williamstown with the sea breeze!

    Thanks Damian, from what we have collated so far, Geoff Boyd’s career stats will be super impressive once tallied up.

  14. gavinpomborneit says

    I like it, love reading about our club’s history.

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