Almanac Life: Things I Like

That first glimpse of Lake Bonney in early January


Richard Ford’s The Sportswriter


Barbeque ignition


Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association Stadium in Dharamsala


Clare Valley Riesling


The beach and jetty ruins at Port Willunga


9.55am ACDT on Boxing Day


Pushing open the door of The North Fitzroy Arms


Cool McCool


Tim Winton’s ear for dialogue and eye for nature


Vampire Weekend


Langhorne Creek Cabernet Sauvignon


Bruce Dawe’s Suburban Lovers


The shotgun crack of an Adam Gilchrist six


The Glenelg North esplanade


Coopers sparkling ale


EH Holdens


The Big Lebowski


Annie Proulx


The guitar and keyboard solo on Father John Misty’s So I’m Growing Old On Magic Mountain


Bill Bryson’s self-deprecation


Glenelg Football Club


Shaun Micallef’s eyebrow


The menace of Keef’s guitar


Lake Wazzapamani


The Magpie and Stump pub


Kapunda High School’s croquet lawn


Allen de Botton’s The Art of Travel


Lana Del Rey


Group 1 racehorse and super stallion Snitzel


Clare Golf Club’s seventh hole


The Broadway’s beer garden


Frank Zappa


Greg Chappell cricket hats




Wichita Lineman


Triple J’s vitality


The humour in Courtney Barnett’s music


The architecture of Santiago Calatrava


Gideon Haigh’s cricket writing


The pause at the top of Shane Warne’s run up


F. Scott Fitzgerald


Belle and Sebastian’s delicate nostalgia


1998 Group Three Canterbury Cup winner Waikikamukau


Unexpected snow


The quiet intimacy in Josh Pyke’s lyrics


Paul McCartney’s boyish optimism


Three Little Bops


Blundstone boots


The Trip


Possessive apostrophes


Sonic Youth’s beautiful guitar noise


The DK Lillee statue outside the MCG’s Gate 1


Three D radio


The beauty and dread in Radiohead’s OK Computer


Bitches Brew by Miles Davis


Sea monkeys


Kapunda’s Prince of Wales pub


Dunlop Volleys


The 1976 SANFL grand final


Paul Kelly’s evocations of summer


The Hammersmith & City Line




Rose of Cimmaron by Poco when the banjo and harmonica emerge ever so quietly and briefly, right at the finish




Wes Anderson’s shot composition


The Group 1 LKS MacKinnon Stakes


Don DeLillo


Championship Vinyl


Tim Lane’s commentary


Ljungbyhed, Sweden


The sound of a bag of ice being dropped near an esky




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About Mickey Randall

Favourite film: The Shawshank Redemption Favourite song: Khe Sahn Favourite holiday destination: Gold Coast Favourite food: steak Favourite beer: VB Best player seen: Dogga Worst player seen: Frogga Last score on beep test: 3.14159 Favourite minor character in Joyce’s Ulysses: Punch Costello


  1. Daryl Schramm says

    I’d reckon your FB home page would be fairly ‘busy’ Mickey. Are all on the list current likes or have a few previous likes that haven’t been recently experienced been added? There are a couple there that I dislike and a couple I’ll need to look up. This should be a interesting comment read. Cheers.

  2. DBalassone says

    The emus at Coffin Bay.

  3. Colin Ritchie says

    Cracker Mickey!

  4. The last one – prefer the silence shattering sound of the bag of ice being spread across the esky contents!

  5. Well that’s done it. “Rose of Cimarron” is my earworm for the weekend.

  6. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    No chicken salt, sausage rolls or Skyhooks?

  7. Thanks to all for stopping by.

    DBalassone- yes, and much better than coffins at Emu Bay.

    Dips- all of these sounds form a concerto.

    Swish- these are for the dark web version.

  8. Snowy from Busso says

    Magpies warbling
    Ditto butcher birds
    Coopers sparkling ale

  9. Like you Mickey I love garfish, both catching and eating. However I remember getting one of their little side bones stuck in my throat. For days no matter what I tried, it wouldn’t budge, One night, about 5 days later, after visiting a friend, I stopped into a deli for a bottle of Coke. Whilst there I also bought a Kit Kat bar. The very first wafer I ate did the trick and moved that irritating bone, much to my delight. Like Rulebook, I love the Mighty Redlegs. I’m also a big fan of the Goodwood Indians baseball team. I also really love apple turnovers from my local Vietnamese bakery.
    Andre Rieu concerts and reading novels by Michael Connelly, Jeffrey Deaver, David Baldacci and Lee Child.

  10. Thanks Snowy.

    Fisho- cheers for alerting me to the restorative powers of Kit Kats! I’m getting a medical bracelet made as such.

  11. Pedal steel guitar

    Great list MR!

  12. Earlier today I was listening to the most excellent Miniskirt by The Sleepy Jackson and contemplating its great pedal steel guitar! An unheralded gem. Timely as always Rick.

  13. ‘Who’s on first’ routine
    Pork crackling
    Horatio Hornblower novels
    View of Paris from Montmartre hill
    Cuddles from grandkids
    Beethoven’s seventh
    Midnight daylight at North Cape, Norway
    ‘Chalice from the palace’ routine (& magnetic armour)
    Sinatra’s ‘I’ve got you under my skin’
    View of London from top of St Paul’s dome

    Cheers, Burkie

  14. Burkie, “Who’s on First”, is a fabulous Abbott and Costello routine, a must for all baseball lovers.

    Laurel and Hardy clips are also fantastic viewing

    Carry On movies featuring Sid James, Kenneth “Nostrills: Williams, Bernard Bresslaw, Charles Hawtrey and Barbara Windsor. are a treat.

  15. Thanks Burkie. So if you were in Montmarte eating pork crackling and listening to Sinatra, you’d be pretty pleased? It’s the best part of Paris.

    Fisho- the American Abbott and Costello much funnier than our local version.

  16. Mickey, I’ve never seen the Australian version, only seen the American version – it’s hilarious. I don’t know of any of my baseballing friends that don’t love it.

  17. Mickey, Love your suggestion re Montmartre. Might even stroll down to Moulin Rouge to catch the late show. Ah, Paris when it sizzles!

    Cheers, Burkie

  18. Ten years ago we did a cooking class in Montmartre. The most butter we’ve ever used cooking and the results were magnifique! Then we walked the ten thousand steps up to Sacre-Coeur and were tranfixed by its beauty and the jaw-dropping panorama of Paris. I wanna go back there!

  19. Coopers Sparkling Ale – from a long-neck

  20. I now quite like lists of the things you like.

    thanks Mickey. Super idea.

  21. thanks Mickey

  22. Thanks to everyone for commenting. Saddens me but Montmarte more chance of getting a side in the AFL than Tassie.

  23. Pleased to see Frank Zappa made the cut!

  24. Billy the Mountain and Joe’s Garage make him a certainty. Thanks Adam.

  25. Luke Reynolds says

    This is a superb list. I’m on board anything that includes Shaun Micallef or his eyebrow.

    But nothing beats the Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association Stadium in Dharamsala. What a good looking venue. I so want to go there.

  26. I wonder how often The Dalai Lama attends a match? Did he see Steve Smith make his ton in the venue’s only Test to date? Did aforementioned auteur Wes Anderson undertake the set design, given the ground’s colour scheme and stylised appearance?

    Thanks Luke.

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