Almanac Life: How John Nugent got his nicknames




Dear John


Here is the story about my two nicknames that you suggested I write. I am Snowy to everyone now, but I also have been known as Angry at times.




The ACT Masters Aussie Rules team were playing in the Sydney Carnival. In the second game I was the resting rover in the forward pocket.


I got an urgent call to come onto the ball as our other rover had done his hamstring. I raced to the centre and grabbed a loose ball and kicked it forward. The umpire, Jim, was renowned for being very strict. Actually, he had a nickname – after a German leader in World War II. Little did I know that he had paid a free kick to the opposition at the ball-up which I’d missed as I raced to get on the ball.


The whistle blew and Jim marched me 15 metres for my mistake.


I colourfully asked him why and he dutifully gave me another 15 for disputing the decision. At this stage I was frustrated and so asked him again (with some more colourful language) what was I being penalised for?


Guess what? I was quickly marched back another 15 metres.


Luckily, for me, our manager, Brian Stirling got me off the ground before I did more damage. Hence, the nickname Angry was conceived.


I also won the very prestigious award of Turkey of the Year 1995.





It was the ACT Masters footy Carnival.


Between playing games, I used to umpire the younger team games. Early in the game I didn’t pay a free kick to one of our players.


One particular chap was an excellent player but, unfortunately, a bit of a bully. For the rest of the game he paid out on me with some very colourful language about my lack of umpiring skills.


This went on continuously. At the end of the game I was surprised that he continued to abuse me as we walked off the ground. I’d had enough so turned around and asked him how far he’d like to take this, suggesting that we could sort it out behind the sheds.


Like all bullies, his eyes gave him up and he mumbled and walked off.


This upset me a great deal.


So when I got into the changeroom I told the lads that I no longer wanted to be known as Angry. I told them they could call me Snow White or even one of the dwarfs.


A great team mate reminded me that there was a promotion for Canteen, a charity for kids with Cancer.


It invited men to shave their beard or moustache or dye their hair. So I decided to to dye my hair blonde (when I had hair). And so, I became Snowy.


Which I enjoy greatly with my very special footy mates to this day.


Well, I’m now 71 and still can’t grow either.


And, about Jim. Jim might have been a very strict umpire, but a great bloke off the field.


We ended up buying a Border Collie pup from his daughter. We named her Windy (Hill) of course. John, Windy was part human.


I rarely needed to use a lead on our walks. She would stop at streets and wait for me so we would cross safely.


We have five kids, they were her flock. One day at the park the kids went in all directions. To our amazement she did circles around them, finally bringing them all together and sat there and watched over them.


Windy lived to the ripe old age of 17.


Cheers John,

My love and warmest Karma to you and all your family and friends.

Johno (Snowy).



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  1. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Very good Angr-, er, Snowy.

    This goes to prove that every house in Australia has the same mushroom coloured loop pile carpet.

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