Almanac Junior Footy: Looking for three footballers to play with Fitzroy Under 10-S

Fitzroy Under 9-S is one of the great footy teams on the planet.


We have a delightful bunch of kids and coaches and parents. It seems we share a common outlook: fun, friendship, commitment to the team, skills development, giving your best, playing fairly, encouraging each other, learning and a yearning to break 80 at Yarra Bend Golf Club.


We train once a week at Alfred Crescent which is part of Edinburgh Gardens and the Brunswick Street Oval precinct. We play a game once a week on Sunday morning – in the Yarra Junior Footy League – either home or away.


The kids are at various stages of their footy development, keeping in mind they have had just one season together. So your young footballer will fit in no matter what their level of experience and skill. All kids are given equal time on the ground.


The parents are terrific. For home games, we gather on the Red Symons Wing:


We understand if you’ve woken up a little shabby on Sunday morning – our coaches are not too loud and the canteen coffee does the trick.


We are good listeners. If you need to unburden yourself of the week’s chaos we will listen.


We are not hung up on your skills. Minimum requirement is to be able to cut oranges into quarters, and we will accept eighths. There is no Level 3 Citrus Fruit Preparation Accreditation requirement.


However, you may be invited to the pub at some stage.


So, sign up!




If your child was born in 2007, and you’re keen, please email me [email protected] and I will give you our coach Keli’s details.




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  1. I’m in! When does training start? I still have an old pair of boots in the shed. These days I am only capable of playing as a resting rover in the forward pocket.

  2. Would be a record crowd for your debut Dipx

  3. I would be the perfect “senior recruit”. I have cerebral palsy so cannot kick and cannot run out of sight on a dark night. I fact my five year old can outrun me. I could however open up the game with slick handball from the forward pocket. Also I used to support the Roys before the AFL killed them.

  4. You’re not tall enough Dips.

  5. kath presdee says

    As a former U10s manager, I found mandarins were just as good for those who struggled with the whole quarters/eighths concepts. Grapes were also accepted. So culinary skills should not be an excuse!

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