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G’day again John.


I trust this email finds you and all of your family happy and well.




This is a story from a different perspective than the story my very special friend Andrew (Dougie) Fraser told.


As Dougie said, a group of great friends used to do a road trip to Melbourne before Covid put a hold on it.


Anyhow, back to my story.


The “cast” of characters (Scallywags) consisted of: Chopper, Dougie, Sharky, Mini-Bar, Uncle Bodsy, Snapper and Sharky’s son Nathan.


It all began when earlier in the year I received a call from Chopper telling me to keep April 19th to 21st free as we were continuing our road trips to Melbourne.


John, I’m a pensioner and live fortnight to fortnight. So I told Chopper that I just simply couldn’t afford it.


I was quickly told that didn’t matter, as the Scallywags were shouting me. Mate, I was so humbled and proud.


Over the next few weeks I thought of many excuses why I couldn’t go. But the generosity of this gift seemed an insult to refuse.


So, 19th of April Sharky picked me up at home at 6:40am. We then collected Uncle Bodsy and Douhie.


The plan was to meet Chopper and Mini-Bar at Yass to even the passenger’s numbers but especially because Chopper and me are both The Mighty Dons supporters.


Mini-Bar had to put up with us but played a great podcast on the way down.


At our first pit stop I was slipped $100 as pocket money but warned not to spend it. The unnamed person was a Scallywag whose name starts with C.


We arrived in Melbourne and to our Digs and shared a few drinks before heading to Kardinia Park to watch the Cats again demolish the Swans. Again I wasn’t allowed to spend anything.


Back at our Digs we shared a few beers and a lovely glass of red.


The next day most of the lads played golf. Douhie and me caught a train (a real treat) to the MCG and did the tour.


Just like the silky skills he displayed on the footy field Dougie somehow paid for the whole day.


We met the other lads back at our digs. The plan was to go to China Town and have dinner.


Uncle Bods led the way and I’m sure we saw the lights of the outer suburbs of Perth while getting there. Needless to say he didn’t lead the way back!


We were treated to a delicious banquet. And yes, I wasn’t allowed to spend anything.


Home (the short way) to our digs. And a beer and a wine. Another absolutely great day and night.


The next adventure was to the Docklands Stadium to watch the Blues take on St. Kilda. I must say that the Blues were on the wrong side of the umpires and the bounce of the ball. When we arrived, because of my back and balance issues I had difficulty getting to my seat. All of a sudden, I was rescued by Sharky who literally picked me up and put me in my seat.


I was so enjoying the atmosphere and to be with such wonderful mates when I received a further surprise.


Young Nathan had brought me a pie and sauce and a beer. I hadn’t asked for it, he simply took it upon himself to do this. I think that was the first pie at the footy since my days at Windy Hill. It proves to me that with our young people like Nathan our future is definitely in good hands.


With my back and balance issues, I don’t so much as walk, but waddle like a duck. At all times on our walks someone, including Nathan would hold back with me.


John, as I said earlier, I’m on a pension and have little-money. However, I am an absolute Billionaire due to the Scallywags.


I don’t have a biological brother, but I know that I do have seven very SPECIAL brothers including our great mate Detlev who unfortunately couldn’t make this trip.


And finally, a special mention to our great mate Blouse who left us far too soon. We always have a drink in your honour.


My love and warmest Karma to all my SPECIAL Scallywag mates.




Cheers John.

My love and warmest Karma to you and all your family and friends.



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  1. Bless you Snow,
    We’re the lucky ones, living it up on your wealth of experience
    Dougie and Shark

  2. Wonderful stuff, Snowy.
    How good it is to have great mates.

  3. John Patrick Nugent says

    G’day Smokie.
    Thank you so much for your comments. And yes,
    I am indeed weary lucky person to have such great mates.
    My love and warmest karma to you and all your family and friends. Cheers! Snowy. ??

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