Almanac Teams: The Crows’ dream team?

The Adelaide Advertiser in an endeavour to lift the flagging spirits of the Adelaide Crows asked Graham Cornes to submit his dream team for the 30 year anniversary of the Club.


Here it is below, no doubt open to criticism:


B:        Nigel Smart           Ben Rutten                     Mark Bickley (C)


HB:    Ben Hart                 Peter Caven                   Chris McDermott


C:       Simon Goodwin     Patrick Dangerfield     Rory Sloane


HF:    Tyson Edwards      Wayne Carey                 Andrew McLeod


F:       Eddie Betts              Tony Modra                  Darren Jarman


Ruck: Shaun Rehn, Mark Ricciuto (C), Tony McGuiness


Interchange: Scott Thompson, Rory Laird, Kane Johnson, Matthew Robran


Coach: Malcolm Blight




What would your team be like? Sandgropers and Vics can contribute!


For me, I cannot see how Carey got a game and would not be based on his Crows form surely…What about Taylor Walker at his best?



Listed below is my team:



B:        Rory Laird          Ben Rutten                   Michael Doughty


HB:     Ben Hart                 Nathan Bock             Mark Bickley (C)


C:        Simon Goodwin    Patrick Dangerfield     Kane Johnson


HF:     Rory Sloane           Taylor Walker         Andrew McLeod


F:        Eddie Betts             Tony Modra                 Darren Jarman


Ruck:  Shaun Rehn, Mark Ricciuto, Tony McGuiness


Interchange:   Scott Thompson, Richie Douglas, Tyson Edwards, Matthew Robran


Coach: Malcolm Blight






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About Bob Utber

At 84 years of age Citrus Bob is doing what he has always done since growing up on a small farm at Lang Lang. Talking, watching and writing sport and in recent years writing books. He lives in Mildura with his very considerate wife (Jenny) and a groodle named 'Chloe on Flinders' and can be found at Deakin 27 every day.


  1. Nice job CB. Carey c.1995 sure but not when he crossed to Adelaide! I’d keep Caven and Smart. Doughty a good, unflashy back pocket (as they used to be).

  2. Carey should not be at CHF, agree.
    It looks like an insult to Walker, Robran, Lynch or McGregor who would all lay claim to that spot.
    Your side is better except unsure if missing Nigel Smart was an oversight. Even he has played better at CHF for Adelaide than Carey.

  3. Anonymous says

    I am a great believer that to pick a dream team, you think of the best players that have ever played for a particular football club and you try to put them in the positions where they played their best football at their peak for that club. As an opposition supporter, you try to name a team that you would least want to play against because of their talent.

    Here is my Crows’ dream team:

    B: Mark Bickley, Ben Ratten, Ben Hart

    HB: Andrew McLeod, Nigel Smart, Mark Ricciuto

    C: Simon Goodwin, Patrick Dangerfield, Kane Johnson

    HF: Darren Jarman, Matthew Robran, Charlie Cameron

    F: Eddie Betts, Tony Modra, Taylor Walker

    R: Shaun Rehn, Rory Sloane, Tony McGuiness

    Interchange: Andrew Jarman Chris McDermott, Scott Thompson, Tyson Edwards

    Emergencies: Richard Douglas, Tom Lynch, Nathan Van Berlo

    Coach: Malcolm Blight

  4. CITRUS BOB says

    Have just received from Andrew capel at “The Advertiser” the “popular” choice of the Crows Dream team for the last 30 years. Naturally enough “Capelli” has put the team in the wrong order! Forwards up top?
    I would suggest seeing the team that it is “popular” more than the “best”?
    B: Mark Bickley Ben Rutten Daniel Talia

    HB: Andrew Mcleod Ben Hart Nigel Smart

    C: Patrick Dangerfield Rory Sloane Tyson Edwards

    HF: Taylor Walker Brett Burton Graham Johncock

    F: Tony Modra Darren Jarman Eddie Betts

    R: Shaun Rehn Mark Riccuito Simon Goodwin

    Interchange: Scott Thompson Rory Laird Nathan Bassett Mathew Robran

    As we have been saying for 100 years picking these sorts of teams is fraught with danger. Walker on a half-forward flank and Johncock on the other -could be a bit of bother there!

    As usual though, a fun little exercise and good thoughts by “anonymous”. Just orves that once again we have our fave players.

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