Almanac (Footy) Poetry – The Rhymer: Screamers


Up so high his nose will bleed, and come down with the ball
High marking in Australian Rules is one thing to enthral

The reason marking’s special is that once the ball is caught
a free kick is awarded not like any other sport.

There are many player over time who have made a name
for flying in the stratosphere, a special claim to fame

Ever since Cazaly was cheered for every leap
Players try to emulate his death defying feat.

You beauty Jesaulenko, Modra you’re a freak
Bosustow flew so high he didn’t come down for a week.

Moorcroft stayed up for so long he got to know the birds
and Abletts, one and two, they’ve had callers lost for words

Spectators love a specky, a mark plucked from the clouds
a hanger or a screamer they entertain the crowds.

But it isn’t just high fliers who grab our imagination
courageous marks by Reiwold would captivate the nation.

Jono Brown would take them too – running the wrong way
McPharlin, Luke, is also etched in memories to this day.

But the astronauts of AFL are the ones we go to see
Every year they take a mark which stays in our memory.

Remember Ashley Sampi who flew high for a take
he was in the air for so damn long he took a coffee break.

Lappin, Birdman Burton, and a coterie of Kicketts
had the crowd up on their feet and kicking at the pickets

While CASA is restricting drones from taking up air spaces
they should direct attention to our specky-taking aces

Matty Lloyd, Win Abraham and Shaun Smith from the Demons
and all the younger tyros who earn their wings each season.

Every week you hear the crowds with a resounding cheer
as players take contenders for the high Mark Of The Year

Long may the players rule the air and fill the highlights reel
for they provide the screamers that gives our game appeal.

© The Rhymer 2018

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