Almanac (Footy) Poetry – The Rhymer: Red Cards?

A whack in the moosh
is much more than a push
and it isn’t a part of our game
I think the whack-or
should be shown the door
and be punished if he is to blame


But forget the red card
coz the job is too hard
for the umpires out on the ground
they cannot judge
‘tween king-hit or nudge
if their view of the punch isn’t sound


If he can’t see the acts
he won’t have the facts
if the action took place to his rear
and to give a red card
and have the man barred
is a punishment way too severe


So if there’s a doubt
’bout the whack on the snout
and the report is just not conclusive
yet the player’s removed
for an action unproved
the penalty’s far too intrusive


so lets all take a pause
before adding a clause
to issue a red card or worse
Let’s trust our staff
that they won’t make a gaff (sorry!)
and introduce something adverse.


The tribunal is there
to make the game fair
(tho’ many would fail to agree)
But wait til the heat
of the game is complete
before imposing a final decree.


© The Rhymer 2018


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