Almanac (Footy) Poetry – The Rhymer: Recos


Imagine the pain of a knee reconstruction
The challenge of one season out
Following all of the rehab instructions
and still with that level of doubt


That you couldn’t fulfil your playing potential
– get back to the fitness you had
Day after day in the gym is essential
even when the future looks bad.


When your team mates return from winning a game
and you are still stuck on a bike
or wearing a brace or on a walking frame
there’s not much about footy you like.


Spare a thought for the few who have experienced two
or some that have had a quadrella
Imagine the anguish that he has gone through
there goes a courageous young fella.


We praise the persistence and courage and such
of four times reconstructed Dan Menzel
But spare sympathy too for those who lost touch
when a tendon destroyed their credentials


For each ACL there’s a man gone through hell
and PCL’s cause much the same
even LARS may not help avoid the death knell
of a footballer’s dreams for the game.


So supporters who follow our game every week
and praise high the stars on each team
Remember the player whose future’s turned bleak
when injury ruined his dream.


The demands on the players of the game that we love
have surely never been greater
and old players admit, when push comes to shove
they’d rather be a commen-tator.


© 2018 The Rhymer


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