Almanac Footy: My 2020 epiphany


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I meant to write this some time ago.


It was in the early morning before the Richmond v Geelong 2020 Grand Final, I had a craving to flick onto Youtube and watch a replay of the previous Richmond v Geelong grand final played in 1967. You know the game – Farmer v Patterson (Neville Crowe suspended), Bourke v Polinelli, Swift v Wade, Marshall v Northey, Bartlett v Goggin, Hart’s mark over Walker, Swift’s mark on the goal line in a crucial last quarter, etc. Lots of highlights!


Now, in 1967, footy was a lot different. There was only a small centre circle, the smaller goal squares, and no “out-on-the full” rule, just a throw-in. The ground had no larger centre square, no 50 metre arcs, there was no interchange bench, just two reserves, no enlarged kick-out area, and there was only one field umpire. Also, if you watch the start of the game closely, the first three centre bounces by the field umpire go at right angles and it’s play-on, not a call-back to re-bounce.


Guess what? The final score of the 1967 grand final was Richmond 16.18 (114) to Geelong 15.15 (105); as compared with 2020, Richmond 12.9 (81) to Geelong 7.8 (50). (Even then, a young hard-running, high-pressure team beat an older open-running, low-pressure opposition.)


I suggest, the League get rid of every rule change or addition that has occurred since 1967, maybe even out-on-the-full, and we’ll end up with a better, higher-scoring game. Further, we should get rid of the rule-change committee and ban it from ever existing in the future. Of course, turning back the clock won’t happen, but it was something magical that was lost.



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  1. Trevor Watson says

    Not too many would disagree with this observation today!

  2. I wrote this piece back in 2022. Since then, I would add that in 1967 there was a clear holding the man, holding the ball rule. If you are tackled with the ball in your hands, “Ball!”, and if the ball is not in your hands, “Holding” (the man).
    Of course, in around 1969, the then VFL took its first step in manipulating the rules to kerb the brilliance of a young Tiger midfielder – Kevin Bartlett.
    Oh, how the AFL shenanigans have continued since then.

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