SANFL Round 4 – Norwood v Port Adelaide: Norwood Goes Bam Bam

SANFL Round 4 – Norwood v Port Adelaide


Norwood won its 4th game of the season remaining undefeated and sitting atop the premiership ladder. The Legs who have been patchy in their previous games, winning through bursts or through good old fashioned g & d, produced their best performance of the season to convincingly defeated the Port Power Reserves by 34 points (why are they still called Port Magpies?). 


I am doing the scoreboard this season at home games which at times is a great view, at others you’re just too busy to take the whole game in, but what did show out, there are times when Norwood appear to be stuffing around too much in defence, and by foot, attempting to pass and share the ball around way too much. 


In reality this is being caused by our tall timber not working hard enough to provide targets for the get out of jail kick down the line. More often, this  did result in several goals caused by errors to Port. 


The Magpies (cough cough!) overused the ball with a ridiculous kick to handball ratio (192 kicks 194 handballs) with definitely some selfishness. Plenty of times players giving the handball and then wanting it back again trying to up their stats to get picked for Port Power when kicking long was the better option.


Those are the negatives out of the way. 


At times,Norwood played brilliant running footy with Brad McKenzie continuing his fine form in defence both in beating his man and using his elite left foot to slice the opposition apart.


Brad Mckenzie with Jessica Ogilvie. Photo by Malcolm Ashwood


Sam Baulderstone with his deft palming in particular in the 3rd quarter combined with Matty Nunn out of the centre square to kick 3 goals in 4 minutes and blow the game apart. Lewis Johnston while guilty of butchering the ball on occasions still  worked very hard and had 30 plus possessions. Declan Hamilton broke the lines and kicked 2 goals. Peter Bampton plays tall overhead with some similarities to Stephen Copping and kicked 3 goals. Mitch Wilkins played his best game of the year and is gradually regaining confidence after the horrific injury he obtained on that day which shall not be mentioned. Matty Nunn returning after missing the last two games was important playing the link role. Anthony Wilson with his electrifying pace provided plenty of entertainment for the Redleg faithful and kicked 3 goals. Matty Panos while not dominating on ball as usual, his silky skills and elite disposal kicked 2 superb goals was vital. Cameron Taheny made his league debut joining the select group with a goal with his 1st kick in league footy. He has X factor and will be crucial during this season before being drafted.



Photo of Cameron Taheny by Malcolm Ashwood



Norwood certainly produced our most attacking footy for the season and it was fantastic to kick 7 goals in both the 2nd and 3rd quarters blowing the game wide open and despite losing the inside 50 count by 15 we were way too good in the end.


For Port Adelaide, Jack Trengove was yet again their best. If a sports person at any level continually dominates underneath surely they receive a chance above? The comment is made he’s too slow for AFL footy when in reality with his footy smarts he has always found the ball. His body is finally ok after all his foot problems, and yes, while not a huge long kick he uses the ball.


Karl Amon made a welcome return from his knee injury and seems to be quite often the Port whipping boy. Yet I see him as important for his run  and carry. Steven Motlop after being dumped by the Power was good early with his class but he did drop out of the game when Norwood got on top in particular. Joe Atley had his moments but overall Norwood were just too good and had 2 much passion for Port.


So on to next week when Norwood take on North Adelaide at Prospect on Anzac Day. If the Legs can win and keep the Roosters still at negative 2 points it can just about end North’s season while Port take on Woodville West Torrens in a important game. Always interesting to see how up for the contest Port Power Reserves are at SANFL level.



Michael Aish and Peter Myers West Adelaide mini league teammates in 70 and 71 incredibly catching up last night in the victorious Norwood change rooms the 1st time since then! Photo by Malcolm Ashwood



Michael Aish Justin Bart Staritski and Brenton Klaebe, Norwood Past Players. Photo by Malcolm Rulebook Ashwood



NORWOOD 2.3 9.4 16.6 20.8 (128)

PORT ADELAIDE 2.4 7.8 10.10 14.10 (94)


Norwood: McKenzie,  Baulderstone, Johnston, Hamilton, Bampton,Wilkins,Nunn, Wilson, Panos, Taheny
Port: Trengove, Amon, Motlop, Atley, Pudney, Ladhams.


Norwood: Bampton, Wilson, Taheny 3, Szust, Panos, Hamilton, Dawe 2, Nunn, Baulderstone, Johnston.
Port: Davidson, Amon, Trengove 2, Edwards, Motlop, McKenzie, Ladhams, Garner, Atley, Lienert, Woodcock.


UMPIRES – Broadbent, Bowen, Sboro.


CROWD – 3444 at Coopers Stadium, Norwood


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  1. Bill Drodge says

    Thanks Malcolm, for the report.

    It’s good to see that the team finally “clicked”, but geez it’d be great to add Surman to that team. The new 666 (devils number) rule, will greatly aid a quality tall up forward, with a quick clearance and long kick forward.

    One thing I noticed the previous week, the mids still seemed to be looking for that extra handball from the ruck contest, which worked with the likes on Matty Nunn running off halfback last year. It seems they are now adapting better?

    I’ve thought the same re Bampton, about being able to play tall. He is a very versatile player, as he’s also had run with roles in the midfield as well.

    As for Port Power / Magpies? They are The Power and joined the AFL in ’97 (good-luck to them). And by all reports, they wanted to leave the SANFL at that time; it seems the only people stopping them from doing this is themselves.

  2. Eric Matisons says

    Malcolm as always a good read and for those of us who couldn’t go to the game a great way to find out what happens on the night

  3. Great write up loving the photos good 2 see some of the old boys back in the change rooms!

  4. Michael Rehn says

    A great run-down of our best performance to date. There is clearly still a lot of work to be done, and I’m keen to see how we shape up on bigger grounds in day time conditions, or alternatively convince the SANFL to schedule finals on Friday nights at Norwood !!!

  5. As per usual Malcolm, I thoroughly enjoyed, loved your write up of the match. Not being able to attend the footy anymore, I really look forward to your comments. Great to know the side is now playing up to their potential and must keep it up. Loved the photos of Aishy, Staritski and Klaebe.

    Incidentally, I was intrigued by your write up of Trengrove. It reminded of one of my baseball heroes, DOUG OTHAMS. Doug played first base and had a not particularly strong throwing arm but made up for this with quite amazing “baseball smarts” – he was always in the correct position at the right time, making often difficult plays look relatively easy.

    In the batting box he had a sublime swing and excellent timing, allowing him to smack numerous home runs. Doug won many trophies in Night Baseball and won 2 Shipway Medals (Night Baseball) and 2 Capps Medals (winter baseball). When he passed away, aged 91, last year, I wrote his obituary published in the ‘Tiser.

  6. PS – Rulebook, go easy on the EASTER EGGS AND ENJOY THE HOLIDAYS. I look forward to your next installment, hopefully about a turnabout of the Crows’ fortunes. and the Redlegs storming (oops – I almost wrote powering on) on.

  7. Tim Wedding says

    That third quarter was pure joy. Still waiting for Wilson to break free and find a bit more space, but all in all the delivery into forward 50 was that of a finals bound team. Well written article, gave me some food for thought.

  8. Greg Robins says

    Great write up Mal, definitely our best footy this year to date. I watched it on the digital pass and the footy skills were AFL levels in terms of class and our set plays etc. Great game to watch. What a fantastic comp we have in SA.

  9. Peter Myers says

    Great read Malcolm. I thoroughly enjoyed making my debut on the scoreboard, though after a few low scoring affairs, the boys certainly kept us busy, particularly in the second half! Slight correction, I have bumped into Aishy on odd occasions over the years, though naturally enough they would be more memorable encounters to me than they would be to him. Always a pleasure though.
    Keep it going Legs, excellent second half.

  10. Thanks for this, RB. I always enjoy reading your Redlegs reports.

    I am most interested to note that Brad McKenzie is continuing to play well. I thought he was a little hard done by when delisted by North at the end of 2016, despite enjoying his best ever AFL season. He was only 23. Alas, he was another victim of Brad Scott’s questionable decision-making

  11. I’ve just finished re-reading your fantastic write up of our Fabulous Redlegs’ exciting victory over the Power seconds. It made me wish my late father was still alive to both see the match and read your report. Dad was very sports minded and had moderate successes in cricket, footy, bicycle racing, swimming, foot racing, snooker, golf and later carpet bowls. However, his first love was the Norwood Football Club. and, as a young man enjoyed the friendship of DOUG DRAGE.

    If only Dad had lived long enough to see those 3 Redleg premierships in a row, especially the 2014 one and then been able to read your take on that incredible win.

    Believe it or not, I was watching the Power destroy Eagles and forgot about our match. Suddenly I came to my senses and raced to the computer and was delighted in what i saw. Very pleased with our style of footy – Dad would have been wrapped.

    Finally, I really enjoy the comments from the other Redleg fans – keep them coming guys…

  12. Kevin Hammond says

    It doesnt matter what people think or say what the current magpes represent , me I see the prison bars and know i want to beat them more than ever still none more evident than 2014 GF, great wrap Malcolm

  13. Peter Myers says

    Fisho, my late father played with Doug Drage, and many years later they were both members together at the Palms golf club at Mawson Lakes. I’m sure they’d have enjoyed a few footy memories while they were out playing rounds of golf.

  14. Thanks Peter In the forties we were virtual neighbors with the Drages in Wellington road, near the Wellington road primary school. Besides Dad and Doug mom was a great friend of Mrs Drage and I, then almost five played with their daughter Mary..

    When I began dating my future wife in ’69, I had no idea she came from a long line of Norwood supporters. Apparently her father was an extremely passionate Redleg but had passed away in ’66 so I never met him.A real shame as I reckon we could have had a real family time at the footy.

    Because of health problems I am able to attend the games these days and really miss the compardary of several of others that always viewed the game where i did. Fellows such as Stormy, Prickle Head, Bob Walsh, Carlos, Kurt, Siggy and others whose names I never knew. One of them Wilson Bird (Birdie) I know is now deceased.

    At least now I have the TV and Rulebook to keep me informed.

  15. Martin Rumsby says

    After the frustration of watching our first three outings, albeit all wins, it was much more satisfying to see the ‘Legs run into some form and record a comfortable win. Your write-up has identified the key moments and performances in the game, Malcolm. I think an overall lift in intensity and the return of Nunn with his outside run and speed were the key factors in overcoming the static ball movement and indecision that characterised Norwood’s previous matches. The ANZAC Day match up with North Adelaide should tell us whether the improved form is sustainable or an aberration.

  16. Thanks Malcolm, love the read. Great to see past players in attendance. Had a chat with the great number 8 on Thursday night. Love the photos from behind the scenes as well. Will be there cheering the boys on Anzac Day for another great win. Happy Easter to all. GO U LEGS

  17. Dave Ridge says

    Great read and on point as per usual Malcolm.
    The indecisive backline ball movement you touched on and it’s root cause, was for mine??.. spot on!!! I believe you’re correct in noting the lack of genuine gut running by our big brigade, is most definitely a catalyst!..More urgency is needed by our target “go to” focal points, when pushing to the outer corridor. This lack of downfield urgency, results in moments of hesitation, allowing easy opposition flood back. This in turn breaks our positive flow forward down the line time and time again. Culminating in this frustrating ‘chip around’ inside our defensive 50 football that we all hate so much.
    When we do get quick transition through hard running to positive positions . The results are what we saw in that 3rd quarter. That being a fleeting glimpse of opposition dismantling that we were lucky enough to witness at Unley last year. The best thing?? That blistering style of football is still alive and well within this playing group. Harnessing it consistently is the goal!!

  18. Pure Book.

  19. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Bill I think we’re gradually getting there and Nunny was important re getting the balance right totally agree,Luke is a vital player in 2019 and yep why oh why still called,Port magpies is ridiculous imo.Eric thank you.Doug the rooms were pumping after the game with plenty of past players and officials in the rooms it was awesome.Michael yes plenty of tests to come I am firmly in the camp all finals apart from gf should be played at the team which finished highest.Fisho a lot of sport smarts can’t be coached,Trengove is v footy smart and I must read your baseball write ups apologies.Tim definitely good improvement and glad re food for thought.
    Greg thank you and glad you enjoyed it yep it was great to watch.Peter your help was greatly appreciated we were like a well oiled machine yep added a bit of mayo re Aishy..Smokie Brad is talented enough to be playing afl.Fisho greatly appreciated!Kevin yep still want to beat them just not the same any more unfortunately it can be argued it’s progress mmmm.Fisho and Pete good stuff certainly some legendary legs supporters mentioned there,Fisho.Martin yep big improvement on to Anzac Day.Jan when I grabbed Peter and bought him over to the famous number 8,I said cmon.Aishy surely you can remember a mini league team mate from,70,71,Aishy replied a hell of a lot of concussions since then it was fantastic to leave the 2 of them to reminisce.Dave decision making when to play fast or slow footy is still v much a work in progress and yep big guys have to work harder and in better sync re the kick down the line.Thanks TC aka Stormtrooper of love prince of pawn head of head,Charlton thanks folks

  20. Craig Fester Paech says

    Every December when the draw comes out I hope we’ve got Easter Thursday against the Swampies. It’s my fave home game of the year and I get to bookend it with my AFL team Geelong playing the “old man’s undies” on Easter Monday.
    A little sad that the Swampies supporters don’t get along like they used to. Great write up Rulebook, imagine if we start playing well!!

  21. Rulebook – regarding baseball and DOUG OTHAMS. Doug, way back in the ’53 / ’54 season of Night Baseball coined, what was to become a famous rallying point for his team, the GOODWOOD INDIANS. It was “WATCH THE INDIANS”. And, yes, the Indians did go top that year.

    I’ don’t think Doug would mind if I slightly modified his saying to “WATCH THE REDLEGS”. Hopefully the Legs will do likewise this year and take out the Flag.

    In the meantime, WATCH THE REDLEGS

  22. Steve wood says

    Spot on RB with your assessment. Much improved on the previous weeks, but at times still too hesitant in moving forward quickly.
    When the defense has moving targets forward as in the second and third quarters we will be hard to stop.
    Look forward to Anzac Day.

  23. Ray Higginbottom says

    Defence was fantastic to half time especially Brad McKenzie elite leg and albeit Georgiou switching play when the only thing he should do is run straight and kick down the lines,Brady Dawe doesn’t work hard enough.Third quarter sensational some really good signs moving forward.Good Article and accurate on the scoreboard to Rulebook.

  24. Ray Higginbottom says

    As always a great article Malcolm.The first half our defence kept us right in the game,Brad McKenzie sensational,elite leg.Our defence needs to get the ball in the right hands Georgiou should just run straight and kick down the lines he shouldn’t be the switch of play man,Brady Dawe just doesn’t work hard enough at these times.Third quarter was a joy to watch no passenger,all playing their role.Just iced the game in the fourth.Good number turning on the scoreboard aswell Malcolm.

  25. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    One of those Aish/Myers mini-league teams can be found near the end of this piece

    Another mighty read ‘Book

  26. Good article Rulebook!

    I was wondering if you’ve read an article from Fox Sports about the coaching woes at Melbourne? If not, the article makes numerous references to your old ‘punching bag’ – Troy Chaplin.

    Even though we’re 4 rounds into the season, the legs are looking good to make amends for last year’s Grand Final.

  27. Willow Wilson says

    What a great start to the Easter break Book, a decisive win of the old enemy (if we can still call them that). Your comments on Norwood having more passion are interesting, in reality the Port players are playing to try and get out of that team and very few of them would have a feel for the history and traditions of the club. One of the great things about being a Norwood supporter is the 100+ years of history and personalities that you continue to bring to life. When is the next profile being published?

  28. Luke Reynolds says

    Fantastic to see Norwood travelling so well Rulebook.
    Even better to see a pic of the great man Justin Staritski, possibly my favourite 1 game Collingwood player ever.
    He should have played more…
    Keep these reports coming, Norwood have become my SANFL team very much based on the enthusiasm of yourself and Dave Brown. And Port becoming the Power.

  29. Great to see the legs on fire and the scoreboard updated so regularly

  30. Great write up RB, another enjoyable read.
    Seeing you have the power of the scoreboard this year can you ask the powers that be can it go back to how it was so us blind Barstards can read it.


    Anyway, that being said, your first gift was the Legs’ triumph over the Power Seconds followed by a return to form from the Crows with, hopefully a good showing and win against the Roosters on Anzac Day

    Continue to WATCH THE REDLEGS

  32. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Fester unfortunately it’s not the real magpies ( Yep used to love playing and beating them ) Fisho good stuff,
    Steve agreed and thank you.Ray the ball needs to be in the hands of the elite ball user when the risky kick is used and is why,Sam must work harder to provide the target and make a contest for the down the line kick,Brady played mainly deeper wasn’t on ball much,Brady’s best game for a while.thanks re scoreboard,
    Peter Myers was a fantastic help also.Swish greatly appreciated ( Peter loved it,Aishy is away I will speak to him in the next few days) Paul yes I should have mentioned how well the dees defence is going re Chaplins involvement thank you definitely have a feeling it will soon enough.Willow v much so a couple of things on the go potentially,NFC want me to write one need a individual to agree it’s a bit wait and see at the moment.
    Luke new rule must include more,Bart photos and thank you greatly appreciated.Raj judging from your late night phone call on thurs how well were you seeing the scoreboard? Paul generally interested in what you mean not being rude at all.Fisho no I am in January they happen often enough now days thank you folks go the legs

  33. Cameron Glenn says

    A really good win by Norwood against Port to start the Easter Weekend with a bang and also great the reserves played South Adelaide, with a win and some members got their beach towels.

    With 3 games decided by 3-5 points in the first 3 rounds, it was nice to see Norwood win by more so as to not be on your feet in the final moments. This was their best win to date IMO. I loved the high scoring contest, Norwood’s accuracy and seeing a qtr with 12 goals combined (2nd term). Was great to see some former redlegs pop in to cheer on the current squad.

    Love seeing Norwood hosting an Easter Thursday night game. It should remain a tradition with either Port or Sturt playing at the Parade for the Easter Round.

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