Almanac Football – 666, what about new markings? asks Nick Howson.

With the new rules of 6 6 6, Almanac favourite, artist Nick Howson, thinks we should consider changing the layout of the lines on the oval to suit, making it easier for the fans and umpires to understand the concept. His solution is  shown below.




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  1. looks great. But, why not have three in the full back line, three on the half back line, three across the centre, three in the half forward line and three in the full forward line with three followers in the centre? Or am I an old dinosaur missing something?

  2. Couldn’t agree with you more 6%. As it now stands its ridiculous to name players in set possies – they’re all on ballers, even the supposedly set positions. Looking at today’s game reminds me of primary school footy where everyone chased kicks creating incredible confusion and all out flooding.

    One of my pet hates is seeing the named centre half forward (eg Taylor Walker) marking the pill at centre half back and having no one to kick it to in the forward line. Result criss cot or back ward play. The coaches have a lot to answer in my humble opinion.

  3. This is really sad. What has the game become? Its getting to the point where it would be better to just play conceptual football, that way it would be imagined at its peak, and only its peak, and no one would get concussion.

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